Whenever I have Wardrobe Malfunction, I just Rock it Like That–Ghanaian Actress, Zynnell Zuh

Known for her several philanthropist moves; Zynnell Zuh is a leading Ghanaian actress, writer, producer, television personality to mention but few. The actress is a major trendsetter in the Ghanaian showbiz and also acts in some major Nollywood movies. Anytime she steps out, she always leaves an indelible mark. Zynnel’s beauty and curves make her ‘slay’ effortlessly in whatever she wears and her fans love her for that. The fashion icon, in this chat with OMONIYI ALLI, bares it all on her career, fashion and coming projects

How did acting kick off for you?

I started acting in High School after I auditioned for my first movie role and got the lead role. I have been acting since then. The journey has been interesting and challenging with many breaks in between. I took a long break to concentrate on finishing my first degree. After which I worked in advertising for two years then came back to produce my first movie ‘When love comes around’ which was on Netflix for two years.

Was it more than just a passion for you?

It started off as a passion and now I’m more passionate about it because I can make money from it. Making money from doing what I love.

Knowing that you have been in the industry for quite a while, which do you find more comfortable; been an actor or a producer?

Honestly both but producing is more challenging for me because I’m a perfectionist so I end up getting very involved in all departments to make sure they are giving off their best and we getting the best of everything for the project and that can be very challenging. I decided to produce my first movie when I started getting frustrated from not getting good productions and roles to be featured in. It was a tough decision for me and I spent double the amount I initially budgeted for it. The movie came together beautifully and did so well at the cinemas that Netflix contacted me to acquire it for two years. I would have made a lot more profit if I hadn’t invested twice the amount that I did but I decided to chalk it up to experience. I produced two movies after that and they did very well.

You are beautiful and also have good sense of fashion; with a million dollar, can you act nude?

Yes I can if nobody has to touch me in the movie.

As a fashion and style icon who have earned several recognition; have
you ever had a wardrobe malfunction, if yes, how did you handle that?

Yes on many occasions, I just rock the malfunction like it’s a new style with a lot of confidence.

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What projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on a television series, a fashion program for TV and starting my own fashion line and Styling Company. I also plan on spending more time in Nigeria and exploring the Nollywood and Fashion Industry here. I believe that Nigeria is the Entertainment Hub of Africa with Nollywood being the third largest film industry in the world. As a
Producer, I have always collaborated with Nigerians for all my movies. I enjoy working with Nigerians a lot. My first breakthrough role in Nollywood was in the movie Just Married and my most memorable has been Hire a Man, Crazy Lovely Cool and Backward. I am really looking forward to more collaboration, and definitely open to more roles. I believe in one Africa and working together with my colleagues in Nollywood to push the envelope and continue to tell our African stories.

Apart from acting, what other things do you do for a living? And are there voluntary community services you are involved in?

My first production coincided with the launch of my production company, Five Star Pictures. So besides acting, I am scouting new markets for film and my future productions. We also rent film equipment. I’ve just recently been made an ambassador for the United Against Child Poverty Campaign by the African Rights Initiative International.

What are your specific role and duties as the ambassador?

To use my status and activities to highlight the plight of children who live way below the poverty line; to lend my voice and image to the activities and campaign.

Can you tell us a little bit about your family background?

I come from a family of four children. I’m the third and the only girl. My father is a staunch Christian and a disciplinarian. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Studies and Geography in 2009 from the University of Ghana; I’m from the Volta Region.

It is believed that Ghanaian films contain many sensual scenes? Is it deliberate to show how sex-crazy Ghanaians can be? What’s your opinion?

I don’t think Ghanaian movies are particularly sexually explicit. There are a couple of movies with raunchy scenes just like there are in any other industry in Africa.

What is your make up/beauty secret?

I take in lots of water and fruits.

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