Delta 2023: De’elite club drums support for Agbi’s guber bid

By Kelvin Ohoror

De’ Elite Club of Isoko, Abuja has thrown their weight behind the gubernatorial bid of the governorship candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party in Delta State Dr Goodnews Goodman Agbi.

This was made known by the President of the group Mr Philip Oweh, a former Engineer with Julius Berger, during a courtesy call to the gubernatorial candidate at Oleh, Isoko South local government area of Delta State.

Oweh stated, “I have been following you for a very long time right from the Ibori saga. Am very proud of you. You are a patriotic son of Isoko Nation who stand to be counted, while others are shying away, you chest out and stood in the gap for the Isoko nation.

“If you did not come out to contest they will forget Isoko is a nation somewhere in Delta State, whereas Isoko is the highest onshore oil producing tribe, contributing immensely to the Nigerian economy. Today look at Isoko nation there is nothing to write home about.”

He said with people like Agbi, Isoko’s history will be rewritten. He stressed that they are here to express their profound gratitude and solidarity to Agbi for coming out to fly the Isoko flag at the state level.

“De’ Elite Club of Isoko, Abuja have large membership in Isoko, Abuja and in diaspora, and they believe the more we come together to support you, the more we will achieve together.

“We are here to support you so that we can work together and for you to be the focal point on the Isoko agenda to better the Isoko nation”

Also speaking, former President of the De Elite Club Abuja and also former President General of Owhelogbo community Mr Simon Enajedu, a staff of the American Embassy Abuja said that “We have heard so much about you but hearing from you today has lifted and boosted our spirit.

“Your guber bid is a good beginning for Isoko nation and all of us because the mother’s breast is not meant for only the Urhobo’s, Itsekiri’s or Anioma’s they have done their part let other ethnic groups suck the breast.”

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He said “for Agbi to chest out for the gubernatorial race in Delta State, he is actually standing in the gap for the entire Isoko nation, adding that you never can tell what will happen tomorrow. The Election may favour you. You can not tell, where the pendulum will swing, it can be in your way.”

In response, Agbi said, “My gubernatorial bid is not all about me but a fight for Isoko nation. I am in this race to prove that an Isoko man can be the governor of Delta State.

“The Isoko people can play politics, Isoko have qualified and responsible people that can also be governor of Delta State.”

He assured the group that he is going to fight for the governorship of the State, saying that who will win the race, for now, is not certain but the fact that Isoko participated raised our shoulders with other ethnic groups.

“Let us come together and show our strength in unison so that the other ethnic groups will not take us for granted. I thank you all profusely for your visit and show of support” Agbi said.

Amongst those present are: Jonathan Agbadede, President, IDU, Abuja; Obrozie Kome IDU Secretary Abuja
Paul Osi Igbide, IDU financial Secretary Abuja and several prominent Isoko sons.

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