2023: Arewa Consensus Assembly Endorses Osinbajo

By James Jibril

Northern groups under the aegis of Arewa Consensus Assembly, have unanimously endorsed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for president in 2023 in a one day Northern Agenda conference held in Kaduna.

While reading the communique of their meeting at the Arewa House Kaduna on Wednesday, Engr. Daniel Shawulu of the Arewa Consensus Assembly, who was supported by Suleman Makama of the National Partnership campaign project and Khalid Mohammed of Joint Participation for Development Initiatives, said that the Southwest threw its weight behind Buhari and is now a pay back time to support the emergence of a President of Southwest extraction in 2023.

The communique, which was issued at a joint conference on Northern Political Participation and Power Shift at the Arewa House Kaduna, has the theme; “Northern Agenda: Our real solution” held at the Arewa House Kaduna.

It reads, “Arewa Consensus Assembly in collaboration with Joint Participation for Development Initiative and National Partnership campaign Project organized the conference at Arewa House Kaduna in response to the need for greater sustainable Nigeria.

“After critical discussions and deliberations on political issues bordering on grass-root political participation, Arewa/Northern interest, larger interest, unity and peace of Nigeria, power rotation and the forthcoming general election, the conference came up with the following;

”The Joint conference observed critically the present security challenges in Northern Nigeria, condemned it in totality and appealed to the general public to partner with Government in bringing an end to the incessant mayhem.

“The Joint Conference further observed that the insecurity while dominant in the north is a national problem that must be urgently addressed using broader strategies in support military and other law enforcement interventions.

“The real interest of the North is about the vast majority of people in the North, not the parochial interest of a few who are usually more vocal, and claim to speak on behalf of the North.

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“The true desire of the North is a better Nigeria for all where there is hope and fulfillment.

“The North recognizes that there is an urgent responsibility to build and foster confidence between the different ethnicities and geo-political zones of Nigeria, as well as mitigate religious differences and insecurities between the people of Nigeria.

“The unfortunate perception that the “North” is determined to hold on to power including by attempting to foist a retention of the presidency in the North is causing division and mistrust for northerners by other ethnicities in Nigeria.

“This erosion of confidence, trust and brotherhood between fellow citizens in the South against the North is not the creation or intendment of either the core, or the majority of northerners.

“The Joint Conference realizes that it is the misguided desires and personal interest of a few that has been projected as a Northern or Arewa agenda.

“The Joint Conference also recognized that these desires and personal interests are not in consonance or geared towards fulfillment of aspirations and benefits of the larger Northern populace, rather the limited personal interest of the few proponents.

“The Joint Conference underscored the realities and history of failed attempts to pursue presidential electoral victories in the absence of understandings across the Niger.

“The Joint Conference noted that these successive unsuccessful attempts in 2003, 2007, 2011 came to an end in 2015 by a coalition, consolidation, cooperation, collaboration and partnership with the South (more particularly, South-West), and North Central Nigeria.

“This model from 2015 was repeated in 2019 and has demonstrably established a system and framework for secure and trusted power rotation between relevant zones, and continuous partnership for governance, equity, fairness and justice.

“The Conference recognized the urgent need to ensure the North’s credibility and influence by respecting equality, equity, fairness and partnership.

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“As such, all things considered, and for both the short and long term interests and benefit of the North, the Joint Conference resolved and hereby declares that it is appropriate, invariable and inescapable that the choice of the presidency in the 2023 elections must emerge from the South-West region of Nigeria.

“The consequences of the North’s failure to accede and participate in ensuring and supporting rotation of power to the South-West will be dire for the short and long term political and developmental interests and relevance of the North.

“Failure to urgently and actively support and participate in this objective may divide the North irreparably, and potentially severe the political alignment within the North, especially with the North Central states. Such a division or misalignment will damage the North’s politically, and potentially erode the influence of the North in presidential, and National Assembly leadership electoral selection processes.

“Northern agenda: The real solution of maintaining sustained controlling relevance in Nigerian national politics is for the North to champion rotation to the Southwest.

“The Conference admits and recognized that Nigeria is in a delicate situation, and our unity is fragile because of security challenges that have been cloaked many times in religious and ethnic apparel, especially by propagandists.

“Separatist agenda by propagandist and separation apologists have further challenged internal security and peace with arguments marauding “restructuring” as a smokescreen for separation.

“A disproportional amount of banditry and insecurity is attributed to religious and ethnic differences, instead of criminal conduct.

“As such, the Joint Conference also admits and recognizes that this very sensitive issues necessitate’s major attention, consideration, and most importantly, compliance and adoption in selecting the next President of Nigeria.

“The Joint Conference admits that the most acceptable next President of Nigeria will have an appeal that crosses ethnic, religious and other demographic lines, especially the youth considering the most recent history and trajectory of Nigeria.

“Such a person must have a demonstrated record of service at a national level and a history of believing in the unity of Nigeria. Integrity and a proven record of modesty, energy, experience and conduct that exemplifies and inspired confidence across demographics and across the entire country are not negotiable.

“In addition to the qualities, the Joint Conference strongly believes that ability to engage internationally, strong health, energy, mobility and versatility are vital attributes to lead Nigeria to a truly shared prosperity for all.

“The Joint Conference noted with sadness that Nigeria has previously been united enough for religion not to play a vital role in matching tickets for leadership.

“However, the Joint Conference recognizes the present day realities of Nigeria, and notes that under no circumstances can a selection that does not provide religious balance augur well, inspire or promote confidence, or in any way exhibit required sensitivities and lead to peace and progress under prevailing circumstances.

“Accordingly, the Joint Conference states that it is abhorrent unacceptable and roundly rejected by Nigerians that a presidential and vice-presidential ticket will be dominated by candidates of the same faith, such as Muslim/Muslim. Under no circumstances should any aspiring or hopeful political party or candidacy be a consideration in the current national state of Nigeria.

“The Joint Conference after considering religious demographics of Nigeria, sentiments, views and opinions across the country concludes and recommends that a more probable electorally ticket will be a Christian Southwestern candidate matched with a Muslim vice from the North.

“Nigeria for long had been suffering from inconsistency of implementation of policies and program. For the purpose of finding a therapeutic dimension amidst present socio-economic and political circumstance, policies inaugurated by this present administration need a leader with requisite insight to consolidate the much desired results, and continuity of the structural programs commenced by this administration.

“Although the Joint Conference made its above deliberations, considerations and resolutions in the broader interest of the North, and not partisan or specific candidacy, the Joint Conference notes that the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo SAN, GCON fits and addresses the questions of balance, qualities and attributes expressed and resolved by the Joint Conference. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!”

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