S’East Governors, others embezzled over 5.7 trillion LGA’s allocation- Ohanaeze Youth alleges

-funds used for sexual escapades with foreign girls

-threatens jungle justice, mob action



The Youth wing of apex Socio-cultural organization Worldwide, Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC), has urged the past and present South-East Governors, Senators, Federal House of Representatives to begin preparation to account to Ndigbo what they did with their position while serving in various political positions.

Among others accused of misappropriation of public’s funds were former ministers, Commissioners and Directors of Agencies.

Speaking in Owerri, Imo state capital on Monday, the OYC National President, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, called on Igbo politicians who have, at some point, held public offices in Igbo land to publish their achievements in both Local and national papers.

The Council threatened to lead a mob action against politicians who failed to comply with their mandate, “whom they have eaten their present and future while serving in the public offices cannot contend with the impoverishment of their lands”, he maintained.

On the issue of youth restiveness and insecurity in South-East, the OYC blamed same on South-East Governors, Senators Federal Reps. members, State House of Assembly members, Ministers and various Directors of both federal and State parastetals, asserting that “their colossal failure in delivery good service to the people was the remote cause of what’s happening in SouthEast.”

OYC disclosed that “State and Local Government allocations including 13% oil derivation are coming regularly and as at when due, but South-East past and present Governors are common criminals that have embezzled over 5.7 trillion local governments allocations.

Continuing, the embittered youth leader said; “Since 1999 till date over 5.7 trillion has been sent to South-East by the federal government of Nigeria.

“I, therefore, urged all pro-Biafra groups to question these our “unrepentant, common criminals” and leave the federal government alone. We must as a matter of fact, first of all, utilise what the federal government has given us, before confronting them with what they have not brought to us . We hold our criminal past and present Governors accountable first, then we can tackle federal government of Nigeria, over the ones they haven’t given us via political cum economic marginalization.

“Our State and Local Governments funds are embezzled by these criminal governors. They used them to satisfy their families, cronies and to gallivant.

“Those never do well governors only import foreign girls for sexual consumption which they while lavishing public’s funds on them.

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“No state in Southeast has ever been denied federal allocations by the federal government of Nigeria. Allocations come frequently, yet these government officials criminals have made it look like the problem of Ndigbo are Fulani or the federal government.

“State Civil servants in South-East are living in abject poverty, pensioners are dying in dozens in Imo, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra, unemployment is dealing with Igbo youths. All these social evils of not paying workers are not incited by federal government or any Fulani person, rather it’s a deliberate social evil perpetuated by South-East governors, who use such positions to victimize Ndigbo.

“Almost 24 years of uninterrupted democracy, SouthEast can’t make boast of good roads, standard functional government hospitals, Schools, railways, power plants, world-class markets, pipe borne water and all other basic social amenities. Over the years the primary and secondary schools in South-East looked like abandoned poultry farms, these criminals have bastardized government primary and secondary schools. We’re living in the reign of private schools. Only private schools are thriving in South-East. These criminal governors were trained in government primary and secondary schools, yet they have suddenly become pigs that turn their own room into the mud.

“It’s obvious that President Mohammadu Buhari is not totally in any way responsible for our predicament in this region as it regards the absence of structured and equipped primary and secondary schools. Buhari is not holding worker’s salaries and pensions in South-East, our common enemies are the common thieves in convoy blowing sirens, the dubious Honorables, Distinguished this and that and these devilish Excellencies.

“President Mohammadu Buhari is not the one stopping local government elections in South-East, the appointment of local government transition committee is an avenue through which these governors loot the LGA funds with apparent impunity.

Speaking further, he added: “It’s sad, unfortunate and heartbreaking to state that our teaming youths live in stark poverty, unemployment, and grouped themselves in different gangster. We are troubled by street/bush gangsters and political gangsters.

“These past and present Governors of South-East extraction have embezzled over 5.7 trillion of LGA funds, they must not survive this open robbery against Ndigbo, those who may survive shall rot in jail as common criminals.

“We must be left with no options than to start dealing with these Governors, Senators, Reps members, House of Assembly members, Ministers and their cohorts. They must be treated like street criminals, jungle justice and mob action will be the order with the level of frustration and hunger these criminals have brought upon the youths in SouthEast”.

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