Rooney abuses alcohol in self-binge, opens up

Oviri Kelvin

Wayne Rooney has opened up about the way he abused alcohol in a bid to calm his frail nerves due to psychological pressures.

The former Manchester United forward who is the head coach of Derby County revealed that he would sit indoors for days abusing alcohol just to deal with certain traumatic thoughts.

He added that anytime he is given time off by his club, he uses it as an avenue to relish the negative side of alcohol.

Rooney said that he could go out to take some drinks but unknowingly to people around, it was more than mere pleasure.

According to the former Three Lions striker, thoughts about his country, club, and certain publications about his private life on newspapers compounded into his head to cause him psychological trauma.

Speaking with the Mail, Rooney said, “There were times you would get a couple of days off from football and I would actually lock myself away and just drink to try to take all that away from my mind.

“It was like a binge. Normally, that’s with a group of lads but this was a self-binge. I would sit in the house and for two days I would just drink.

“People might know that I liked a drink at times or went out, but there was a lot more to it than just that.

“It was what was going on in my head. It was just a buildup of everything. The pressure of playing for your country, for United, some of the stuff which came out in the newspapers about my personal life, just trying to deal with all that pressure which builds up,” he added.

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However, the former Everton lad noted that he was adamant to disclose his predicament to anyone at first but felt relieved the moment he opened up to different people to avoid his mistakes of the past.

“I have spoken to a few different people,” he added.

“I used to hold everything in and it would build up.

“I would deny it, but Coleen could see it coming every time. I would say f**k it and go out and make silly mistakes with the explosion,” he said.

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