Wash your mouth before you talk about me, Richarlison tells Carragher

Everton’s Richarlison de Andrade has lambasted Liverpool’s legend, Jamie Carragher, after the Merseyside club secured a qualification to feature in next season’s Premier League whose draws will be released on June 16, 2022.


The Brazilian, who scored the second goal for the Toffees in the 3-2 comeback win against Patrick Viera’s Crystal Palace at Goodison Park yesterday, responded to Carragher whose comment in the Merseyside derby infuriated him.

Carragher had in the Merseyside derby, lamented that Richarlison was feigning being injured after the player fell a series of times due to hard tackles.

However, the player did not respond but waited till the perfect moment when Everton retained its Premier League status to post on Twitter.

He said, “Wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton and I don’t respect you.”

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This action taken by Richarlison against Carragher has further endeared him into the hearts of Everton’s fans who are in close rivalry with Liverpool.

Wash your mouth before you talk about me, Richarlison tells Carragher

Carragher during the Merseyside derby said, “Honestly, get up, every week I watch him play like that.

“Get up, carry on. He’s been down three times already, [there’s] nothing wrong with him,” he added.

Richarlison, who joined Everton in 2018 from Watford that have been axed down to Championship next season, has featured 143 times, scoring 43 goals in all competition for the Toffees.

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