Pope urges ‘real’ talks in Ukraine war

By Orowo Victoria Ojieh

Catholic Pope Francis has reiterated his call for real negotiations to resolve the war in Ukraine, which he described as “increasingly dangerous escalation.”

“As the fury of destruction and death rages and clashes flare, fueling an escalation that is increasingly dangerous for all, I renew my appeal to the leaders of nations: Please do not lead humanity to destruction,” the pontiff said from the window of the apostolic palace in St Peter’s Square.

More than a hundred days since the start of the war, the pope called for real negotiations for a ceasefire and a solution to end it. On Saturday, the 85-year-old pope confirmed his desire to visit Ukraine, but said he wanted to wait for “the right moment”.

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Since Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized an all-out assault on his pro-Western neighbor on February 24, tens of thousands of people have been killed, millions have been forced to flee, and communities have been turned into rubbles.

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