Maintain peace until govt’s final report, Uzor urges feuding Isoko communities

By Kelvin Ohoror

Special adviser to the Government of Delta State on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Chief Edwin Uzor, has urged the people of Uzere, Igbide and Emede communities in Isoko South Local Government Area of to maintain the existing peace pending its release of the report on the Oruzu farmland dispute.

He made this known to the three communities during a tour of the disputed land after he received a petition from Igbide over the boundary adjustment given to them by IDU.

Uzor admonished the communities to be patient with the state and IDU, noting it has not been easy all along.

According to him, “Today we are here and I can see that the whole situation is peaceful despite the various argument here and there. It is normal and it is expected.

“We must have it in mind that there is always a solution to every problem. The existing peace must be maintained, everybody will die and nobody will go with the land. Our forefathers who were fishing and farming on the land here are no more.”

He warned the three communities that as they go home, they should tell their leaders, youths and followers that there should be peace, stating that whatever the government will come out with they should take it in good faith.

“Let nobody go behind and charge the people to fight over this land issue,” he said.

A patron of IDU, Chief Iduh AMADHE, stated that when they did the settlement all parties involved agreed to the terms, noting that for peace to reign, they must endeavour to make sacrifice.

He reiterated that “when we did the settlement we all drank together, we knelt down, prayed and sing praises to God Almighty for giving us lasting solution and peace.

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He commended Uzor for coming to the disputed farmland to see things for himself and not just listening to hearsay of the explanation they gave him in the IDU Secretariat or in his office.

He urged him to appeal to the three communities to accept the boundary given to them by IDU and maintain the existing peace among themselves.

The Ist vice-president of Emede community, Mr Lucky Arumari also said: “I want to appeal to the President General of Igbide community to tell his people to abide by the boundary given to them by Isoko Development Union in order not to ignite crisis again between them.

He appealed to the Igbide indigenes to stop farming on the land ceded to Emede: “Yes, IDU as the mediators gave recommendation based on what they interpreted, though we protested and raised observations.

“I want to tell all of us here that whatever decision Chief Edwin Uzor and his committee are going to take here will be accepted by Igbide:
“Igbide complained to him because we see him as our last bus stop; from his findings and investigations, whatever he decides to come out with, we will accept it.

“There is no gain in crisis, peace is golden, we will stand for peace, the entire Igbide people will stand for peace,” he added.

On his part, the President General of Uzere, Chief Brooklyn Essi, said the community does not have any problem.

He added: Let nobody cross from the other side to the other so that we can sustain the existing peace.”

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