Someone NEVER to have as a friend


In this piece, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu picked on one of Peter Obi’s critics, Reno Omokri, describing him as a “Manipulative Emotional Blackmailer”.

“Who first shared Peter Obi’s picture printed on a Muslim mat and made it go viral? Reno

Who used the mat and picture and tried to instigate a Muslim Vs Christian fight with arguments on tolerance and intolerance that even led to Peter Obi making a disclaimer? Reno

Who started the false story of Peter Obi leaving PDP to join NNPP? Reno

Who edited a picture of Peter obi and Kwankwaso and came up with the false story that Peter Obi is trying to sideline Kwankwaso in “his own party”? Reno

Who is trying so hard to make Peter Obi look merely like an Igbo project? Reno

Who is the one trying to gaslight Peter Obi’s supporters by emotionally blackmailing them and accusing them of Cyberbullying? Reno

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Just this recent interview that Peter Obi granted with Arise news in which he used a driver-pilot analogy to explain how we need to start hiring the right and qualified candidate for the job without the primitive consideration of tribe and religion. . . who is trying to turn his analogy upside down to cause tension and division between Muslims in the North and Christians in the South by playing a mind game on the Northerners even to the extent of making the post in the Hausa language? Reno

Who will come out to still post pictures of himself and Peter Obi and make videos claiming to be Peter Obi’s friend? Reno

Who is the man that claims to be a Christian Pastor yet does not believe that Jesus is God? Reno

What is the best word that we can use to describe the person and actions of Reno Omokri?

Please, if you have an idea, help me. . .”

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