Gov. Fintiri warns APC against the use FG empowerment for political gains

By Suru Charles

Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has called on the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to as a matter of urgency desist from using the federal Government’s Social Investment Schemes as campaign tools.

Fintiri, who made the call yesterday in Yola, while expressing dismay at the way and manner the opposition party in the state is going about trying to use the programmes to score cheap political points.

Describing the initiative to empower the people as commendable, he however regretted that the opposition party are using such schemes for cheap political gains.

Stressing that “the quest for public office was responsible for the development” the schemes, in his word “are expected to cover every Nigerian citizen irrespective of political inclination.”

The governor who could not fathom why the opposition party is using the scheme as a political weapon said “as a responsible Government that has sworn to an oath to do right to all manner of people, his administration has resisted the temptation to discriminate along party lines and thus ensuring no community is left untouched and nobody is left behind.

Lamenting that it is not the “case with Federal Government empowerment schemes being facilitated by some persons on behalf of the Federal Government” playing politics with such important poverty alleviation schemes, he believed “is an aberration that is totally unacceptable and untenable in saner climes.”

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Adding that “every responsible Government has a social responsibility to its citizens and that’s what we’ve sworn to do and are doing in Adamawa. Failure to uphold this sacred responsibility is not only fatal but self-defeating.”

Viewing the act as “ridiculous “the need for President Muhammadu Buhari to check the excesses of “those entrusted with public goods to ensure that such responsibilities are carried out in the interest of the general public and not reduced to infamous partisanship where opportunistic politicians in the State are scrambling for cheap glory, he believed can no longer be overemphasized.

While calling on the party to immediately cease indulging in such ventures, he was of the view that “It is time to ensure collective decorum and accord some respect to our people as we provide support and intervention to the poor and the vulnerable.”

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