2023: Nigeria’s sexual healing

By Promise ADIELE

Nigeria’s sexual healing sex, that biological indulgence between an adult male and female yielding their bodies to each other, is the central focus of Marvin Gaye’s sell-out song Sexual Healing. Released in 1982, it cascades global amorous scene, especially for those submerged in romantic misadventure.

In recognition of its universal appeal, it won Marvin Gaye two Grammy Awards from the album Midnight Love. Unfortunately, Marvin Gaye’s father assassinated him a day before his 45th birthday on the 1st of April 1984.

Although Gaye has transited to eternity, Sexual Healing continues to stake a huge claim in a world skating on the fringes of infatuation, illusionary love, and ebbing passion.

For those of us committed to using art as a veritable instrument for diverse interpretations of worldwide events, Gaye’s Sexual Healing provides an immediate, suitable template for the analysis of the relationship between the ruler and the ruled and many political conditions in Nigeria.

In discussing sexual intercourse, I am minded to interrogating how Nigeria’s romance with their government easily establishes a parallel with ‘the very act’ concerning the 2023 elections. Religious fanatics and their sanctimonious inclinations should please look away and stay aloof. Their façade of holiness does not stimulate the mind or advance humanity.

This is serious interaction with seriousminded people. While the government gloats in glory like a satisfied man after an exciting sexual experience, Nigerians bleed in pain like a conquered young lady after a painful sexual experience. Given the activities of terrorists, bandits, and other forms of extended insecurity in all the different nuclei of our country, will there be a change of government in Nigeria in 2023?

It does not seem so because the country may likely not be safe enough for an election to take place. Under such circumstances, what will happen? Of course, the current government will continue in office. Before the 2015 elections, Nigerians were seduced by unseen hands, titillated by the Prince of Persia.

Everyone lost a common sense of discernment, the environment mattered very little as we were all guided into the bedroom to be explored and vanquished by the Change mantra.

That he had no school certificate mattered little. We made enemies with our friends who pointed these things out but we were adamant like a young girl that repudiates her parents for the sake of a man.

Collectively, our hormones rose but failed to achieve the desired rhythm. When he made mistakes, we sheepishly excused them, believing that we will all climax together, at the hills of victory over clannishness, economic tragedy, nepotism, corruption, insecurity and socio-political backwardness. But alas, we have reached orgasm most shamefully. We have not been healed sexually.

Reaching orgasm prematurely is a painful experience especially when the body is begging for more action. At such times, one is stranded delicately in the realm of sexual frustration and ennui.

All the vices for which we voted him to power have increased in double fold. Insecurity has acquired a monstrous physique. The economy is in shambles too. Everyone is hanging on a precipice, waiting to tip over the abyss, looking and expecting 2023 to come quickly.

In 1984, did Nigerians enjoy the military regime? It was pain, pain, and more pain during the ‘very act’ but in 2015, we collectively wanted a repeat of that same pain. A brutal sexual partner will always remain the same even if he changes to a new garment. The first pain was in 1984, second pain was in 2015.

Should we allow another pain in 2023? Look, read between the lines, think and observe the trends? Why is it that banditry and insecurity have both increased across the country?

The thrusting has been painful for Nigerians. Yes, it has been a very painful and excruciating experience. Will this pain occur again in 2023? I see a situation where, if the banditry and insecurity become rampant, elections will be postponed. Then the current government will remain in power.

I have come to this painful conclusion because it defies reasons why the armed forces of Nigeria cannot defeat ordinary bandits. They stroll around now with daring impunity.

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They enter airports, bomb rails, kill passengers on trains, enter schools, block roads, and do whatever they like without any form of molestation. Do you in all honesty and responsibility think that elections will hold under such an inauspicious atmosphere? Pastor Adeboye’s veiled remark about the 2023 mirage is well known to everyone We have been depredated like a woman that ignorantly but willingly submitted her body for the very act.

We have been inflicted with utmost pain and conquered as a group. But it becomes a problem if we allow this pain to happen again in a graduated dimension. No rape victim ever wants to be raped a second time.

No, let us resist what is coming. Sex, like governance, should be enjoyed not endured. Let the pain not happen again. Shockingly, our political gladiators jostling to occupy Aso Rock in 2023 have not asked themselves if there is indeed any vacancy in the seat of power. Nigeria is bigger than what is coming.

IBB shifted the goal post many times when he was in power, but at some point, the pain became unbearable and Nigerians rose to chase him away just like when a woman is dissatisfied in the very act and pushes her conqueror away. Even with his military boots, he couldn’t succeed.

I am however worried that those who chased IBB away are now tired from sexual exhaustion, they are limp, weary, and fatigued from diverse gratifications. It is exactly one year before the general elections. Does Nigeria look like a country where elections will hold in twelve months?

No media orientation for voters, no jingles too. Except for fanfare by the political parties, there is nothing political about the country, The Trumpet gathered.

There is nothing to suggest that there will be an election here next year. If the painful sexual experience of the last seven years is not rejected, we will return to that same bed where the pillow has been soaked with our tears.

Will elections hold in Nigeria next year or will the current government extend its tenure because due to insecurity, elections will not hold? Let us all stand up, dust our clothes and never return to this bed of sexual injury.

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