2023: At Buhari, Jonathan’s Charge, Anyim offers to Serve as President

Joshua Omoloye, Politics Editor, Abuja

One time Senate President and former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim last Saturday gathered gladiators in the nation’s policy together in Abuja to celebrate his 61st birthday but the grand occasion later turned out a high wired political event in which Anyim’s leadership qualities were commended, words of endorsement to his ability to serve at higher level were said and the celebrant Offered to serve in high capacity as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, if given the chance.

Personalities that graced the occasion are; President Muhammadu Buhari, ably represented by the Secretary to his government, Mr. Boss Mustapha, former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and his Vice, Arch Nnamadi Sambo, former Senate President, Adolphus Wabara,, Col. Bala Mande, Sen. Sanusi Dagash, Senator Dino Melaye, Senator Obinna Ogba, Senator Theodore Orji, former governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa former Inspector General of Police, MD Abubakar, Chief Shuaibu Oyedokun, former Deputy National Chairman of PDP, former works minister, Sanusi Daggash, some zonal and state chairmen, women and youth leaders of the PDP in some states and many others.

Extolling Anyim’s virtues, erudite lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome SAN) in whose law chamber Anyim served, said he is a humble person who served diligently, an achiever, a goal getter, a team player.

He said as a clever person, Anyim “did not fall to the banana peels that fell two of his predecessors in office as Senate President” adding that “he is a Pan – Nigerian, distinguished and honest”.

Senator Dino Melaye said perhaps God created Anyim because a time like this in our national life that Nigeria is very sick.

Assuring Anyim, he said, “you have done well, you are doing well and you will do well”.

Former governor of Abia State, Sen. Theodore Orji simply said to Anyim “if you look at the age you started, you will know that God has not finished with you. You are a nationalistic figure”.

Former Senate President Adolphus Wabara asked Nigerians not to toy with Anyim because he is a child of God, adding that “am so delighted that this man has solutions for Nigeria. Whatever happens, he should not be forgotten”.

Former Vice President, Nnamadi Sambo acknowledged that Anyim’s leadership stabilized the Senate and the then PDP government.

“He worked towards building a prosperous nation. With these instances, I have no doubt that Senator Anyim Pius Anyim can be trusted with higher political responsibility”, Sambo said.

Speaking in his capacity as Chairman of occasion, former President Jonathan rated Anyim’s performance high in his government.

He said “I don’t regret committing him. He is a very hard working young man, committed to serving this nation and I believe if he has the opportunity to serve more, he can do better.”

President Buhari commended Anyim for his uncommon stabilizing impact in the polity.

“Senator Pius Anyim is a patriotic Nigerian who always puts his nation first and he is one of stabilizing voices we have today in the politics of our country. This he has demonstrated in a number of times, but the one that stands out and still echoes with me was his insistence that elected officers should always stay a single term and he kept to his word by not seeking for re-election to the Senate, after the expiration of his first term as Senator and Senate President in 2003.

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Buhari’s representative, Boss Mustapha said” let me say on a personal note, as the current and 19th SGF that I have drawn a lot from the wealth of wisdom that has been the source of strength and the endowment that Senator Anyim has brought to the fore of governance in this country. We don’t often meet but whenever we meet, we share knowledge about the responsibilities of the office and the enormity of the act of balancing contending forces and interests, that are always vested on any occupant of that office.

“And I want to thank you (Anyim), for the wealth of experience and the depth of knowledge that we have. I made bold to say whoever had occupied the Office of the Secretary to the government for four years in an evolving democracy like Nigeria, with diverse contentious issues, is capable and able to occupy any office.”

The cynosure of all eyes at the event, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim offering himself to serve in a statement titled ‘My Offer to Serve’, advanced reasons why he thinks he could salvage the country from her current situation.

He said “Nigeria is passing through a difficult phase in her history as a nation. Insecurity, economic hardship, youth unemployment and restiveness and deteriorating infrastructure have dampened the patriotic zeal of our citizens and gravely undermine our national cohesion.

“Daunting as these problems are, there is confidence among a broad spectrum of Nigerians, that the challenges of the country are not beyond our capacity as a people. I share that confidence.

“Most Nigerians agree that our national problems are becoming more complex, and could endanger the future of the nation. I have no doubt that Nigeria can rise from our present trials to re-emerge a safe, united, peaceful and prosperous nation in no time, if we can find a national leadership that will harness the abounding energy, creativity, industry and patriotic fervour of Nigerians, for the urgent task of national rebirth and consolidation.

“This is no time to shift blames among parties, individuals and sections on what has gone wrong. This is time to mobilize the collective capacities and competencies of Nigerians of all faiths, persuasions, generations and political convictions, to build that great Nigeria we all desire and deserve, the Nigeria of our dreams, made indestructible by the combined will of all its people.

“My knowledge of workings of government, experience and exposure in managing high public offices and wide contacts with individuals, groups and organizations across Nigeria have availed me a clear appreciation of our challenges and problems, as well as the solutions they demand.

“I am that Nigerian who finds a home in every part of the country, North, South, East and West.

“I am 61 years on 19th of February,2022. I feel young enough to continue my service to my dear country and humanity in any capacity I am called to serve. I am also old enough to understand the history of our country and the challenges she is facing presently.

“I am, therefore, with due modesty, willing and available, ready and equipped, by experience and exposure, humility and temperament, capacity and competence to lead the charge to realize our collective dream of a peaceful, united and prosperous Nigeria.

“It is, therefore, with a sense of duty and patriotic concern for the peace, unity and progression of our country that I offer myself to serve as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to make this beautiful land that we all love and call homes, a stronger, greater and more prosperous country.

“When, by the grace of God Almighty, I am given the chance, I will serve our fatherland with total and unconditional commitment to the common good of all Nigerians, doing so with love for all and submission to the sovereign will of Nigeria and all her people.

“Together, we will build a country we and our children will be proud of”.

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