Why Zidane rejects Premier League jobs

by Oviri Kelvin, Sports Editor, Abuja

France legend Zinedine Zidane was tipped to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in Manchester United last season after the club dismissed the latter in November last year for failure to deliver good results in the English Premier League.

Zidane, who coached Madrid on two occasions was among the candidates listed to take back Manchester United to the glory days.

Following the 1998 World Cup winner’s refusal to show interest in the vacant position created by Solskjaer’s dismissal, United opted to bring in German Ralf Rangnick in the interim to manage the squad until the end of the season.

All the while, spectators and pundits have been perplexed while Zidane had refused to show interest to coach one of the world’s biggest clubs with a rich football history but recently, an interview granted to a Spanish media by former Los Blancos boss has given insight to the reason.

According to Marca, Zidane said he understands English but does not speak fluently which he explains is one of his prerequisites in managing a team.

He added that some managers do accept coaching jobs despite being deficient in a particular lingua franca but he is opposed to it.

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“Would I want to go to Manchester [United]? I understand English, but I’m not completely fluent in it,” Zidane said.

“I know that there are coaches, who go to clubs without speaking the language, but I work in a different way.

“Many elements come into play in order to win, it is a global context. I know what I need to win,” he posited.

Meanwhile, reports have it that France’s legendary midfielder is a strong candidate to replace Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, who would be dismissed this month by Paris Saint-Germain.

According to the reports, France President Emmanuel Macron wants Zidane to coach in the Ligue 1 but never stated which French topflight club he prefers the France legend coaches.

President Macron is a fan of Marseille, a rival club to Parc Des Princes but Zizou, who was born in Marseille, has been strongly linked to replace the former Tottenham boss.

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