Why Islamic leaders should create political affairs depts, by Tinubu

By Victoria Orowo Ojieh

National Leader and presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has urged the Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria (SCSN) to establish a department of political affairs to create awareness among the faithful towards producing a Muslim president in 2023.

Speaking at the Annual National Conference and Pre-Ramadan meeting of the SCSN in Osogbo, Osun State, Tinubu said Muslims cannot afford to be left behind in political participation nationwide.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) recently established a directorate to oversee political aspirants in the church and to monitor their success. The aim is to mobilize support for members who are aspiring to occupy political offices in Nigeria, The Trumpet gathered.

While the presidential aspirant was soliciting the congregation’s support towards realising his presidential bid, Tinubu, represented by an aide, Tunde Badmus, stressed the need for Muslims, like other groups, to ensure that followers participate in the country’s political process effectively.

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He remarked: “Other religious groups have commenced political sensitisation by creating political departments or directorates among themselves to promote their own. You should create a political wing among yourself so that it will further gear your participation in politics, it will be a good platform to support your brothers who are vying for political positions.

“There is a need for us to act toward our prayers, the emergence of a good leader but we need to partake in political activities.

Almighty Allah answers our prayer through our actions so while praying let us act towards it.” He disclosed that he would visit councils across the country: “Through the president of the Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria, I will visit all states of this nation.

I can’t be opportune to see all Muslims in Nigeria but through the Muslim leaders, we can make it happen.” Addressing journalists, the Secretary-General of the council, Sheikh Nafiu Baba Ahmed, said the meeting was aimed at setting an agenda for scholars’ sermons in the month of Ramadan towards encouraging the masses to actively take part in the political process.

“We can understand the reason for the disconnect between the people and the political class. The masses are reluctant to participate in the process because of the way the present administration disappointed their expectations.

The political leadership promised a whole lot, they promised to reduce fuel prices, build new refineries but today, there is no fuel anywhere and the masses are suffering.

“However, despite the situation, we want the scholars to encourage people to take part in the process and they should understand the need to keep trying till Allah gives us leadership that would bring his mercy on the people. There is time to enjoy and time to suffer, but we must keep trying till we get the best out of the nation’s leadership,” he said. He also called Muslims to use the period of Ramadan to pray for the country.

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