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Damilola is the son of industry guru, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, MD /CEO, SIFAX Maritimes, and one of Nigeria’s fast rising musicians with stage name L.A.X it is a name he got in school while rocking designer shoes named ‘Lacrox’ which gave birth to his musical logo.

Demola Afolabi’s hit single, ’Ginger,’ became a national anthem.

In this chat with OMONIYI ALLI, the Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Master’s degree holder
from Manchester University speaks on the industry, his music and personality among others.

Q: As a son of a popular figure in the maritime world, how has that affected you as a person and your music?

A: When I started singing, my dad did not know about it, nobody in the family knew about it. I started singing when I was in school at that time, I was also using my pocket money to shoot video, to do everything musically until my dad saw my video on TV.

It wasn’t a really nice experience, he didn’t really like it but so far my dad has being really cool. If you are talking about people seeing me outside when it comes to my dad, it is always difficult because when I go to a studio to record, they will be like, you have to drop something because your dad is very influential and I’m just trying to be my own boss, I’m my own self, it’s not all about my dad, The Trumpet gathered.

Q: How will you describe your first time experience on stage professionally?

A: To be honest, I have been a performer since when I can remember because when I was young, I always went for birthday parties and have never lost in any competition. Trust me, I have always been the winner. The day I lost was on my birthday; I didn’t really loose but I think it was because it was my birthday. Have being a performer since I was young, but when I started music, the only reason why I’m nervous when I’m going on stage is the acceptance and when I get on stage and the acceptance is 100%, then my ginger level is high.

Q: If you are to collaborate with any international artiste, who would that be and why?

A: I think I love Beyoncé because she has a crazy fan base and she is just beautiful. Q: A lot of your musician colleagues have delved into acting. Will you? A: The only time I will act is when I’m doing my own movie, one man movie from beginning to the end.

Q: How will you rate the entertainment industry?

A: Nigeria entertainment industry is growing higher, everybody is listening to our music worldwide. I get calls from China for shows. I never believe that they are listening to Nigerian music.

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I went Malaysia last week and most of the people that came for the show were actually Asians singing Ginger and Caro and it was amazing. I think things are changing, we just need to have a better structure in Nigeria and that will be when we have a better government.

Q: What is your reaction when you watch your own musical video?

A: I criticize myself, like my videos. I just feel comfortable in my videos because when I started my videos, I will be saying ‘why did I do this like that.

When I wake up, I spend close to 30 minutes rehearsing with my mirror, but now I know how to take care of myself when I’m shooting video.

Q: Where do you see yourself in years to come?

A: Where God put me, where me I want to be greatest.

Q: If you are to write a song about yourself, what will be the title and why?

A: If I am to write a song about myself, it will be surely be titled ‘Girls’ because I love girls not as a Casanova but because I like to talk about my feelings for girls.

Q: If you are not doing music, what other profession will you have ventured into?

A: I will be a business man. While growing up, I always wanted to be like a boss. It is so funny that times, I just sit in front of a table and chair and I will rehearsing like, hello secretary!! Get me the file right now.

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