Voters registration in Bayelsa

By Aherhoke Okioma

Bayelsa State Government though did not declare public holidays for the ongoing voters registration by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC ) but there are still unprecedented long queues across the state.

Our correspondent, who visited one of the registration centres at the Swali Ultra Modern Market, reports that many traders and persons thronged there struggling to get their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) that would qualify them to partake in the next general elections.

According to Mr Benson Eyaredei, though Friday is a day for traders to sell as most people want to purchase what they needed for their week ends, but for the fact many people and organizations, on radio have embarked on sensitization programme on the need to get their PVCs in order to vote for credible candidates, he decided to sacrifice his time despite the long queue to wait patiently to get registered.

“I consider today as the only day l can come to obtain my PVC, because Mondays are very busy days being the actual market day for traders with many buyers coming from the riverine areas.”

Also at the Yenagoa Local Government Area INEC secretariat the premises has many people that are trying to meet the deadline of the July 31st extended by the INEC.

A registrant, who simply identified herself as Joy Amatoli, said she came their with all her children who are up to eighteen years, according to her youths have continued to talk to her children who have been less enthusiastic in electoral programmes due to the fact that “whether people vote, government has a way of writing their staged managed reports to favour who they want, but for the clamour that the next election is not going to be business as usual as people are becoming wiser to vote the persons of their choice and not for umbrella or broom.

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“This election, she further stated, “is for personality,” hence she appealed to her children to come and obtain their PVC to vote the candidate that will solve the problem of insecurity, unemployment, electricity and myriads of other challenges Nigeria is passing through as a nation.

“My children are encouraged by the wave of their concerns to vote that candidate of their choice with policies geared towards the betterment of Nigeria.”

Speaking to journalists, Mr Wilfred Ifogha said the surge is not unconnected with the deadline as most people have been sensitised by groups and INEC on the need to obtain their PVC.

According to Wilfred Ifogha, Head of Voters Education of INEC, “the surge is on and we are doing everything possible within our capacity to attend to the registrants.

“The commission has extended the registration date to 31st of July this month and also the working hours of the staff from 9 am to 3 pm before to 9am to 5pm to enable everyone that have not registered to do so and for those that have registered to do so and collect their PVCs.

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