Victoria Daniel stirs controversies with sex role

Nigerian cinema lovers appear divided over Victoria Daniel’s portrayal of Jennifer in the action-comedy, ‘Money Miss Road’, currently showing in cinemas. The role which had the fast-rising actress play the girlfriend of Joseph (Jide Kene Achufusi aka Swanky JKA) culminated in one of the most controversial sex scenes in mainstream Nollywood in recent times and has been eliciting reactions amongst the audience.

While some applauded the portrayal as real, others believe it was a little overboard. Collins Omoruyi, who watched the film at Kada Cinema Benin, said he liked the fact that Nollywood was improving on the trend of showing ruffled bed sheets to portray sex. “I have followed Nollywood since the days of ‘Glamour Girls’ to the days of ‘Dirty Secret’ and I can tell you that in ‘Money Miss Road’, which I just watched, I like the fact that the industry is improving in their craft. The kiss in the movie looked real and the romance was steamy. The director did not leave the viewers to imagine what could have happened. It’s a plus for the industry if you ask me”.

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For Segun Awakan, the role of Jennifer must have taken a lot of guts to perform in a society like Nigeria and demanded that the character should be paid handsomely. He said: “What came to my mind while watching the movie at Viva Cinema, was the two partners. They have a lot of guts. I like it, but doubt if I would be able to act in that kind of role.”

In an earlier interview, the director, Obi Emelonye had said the steamy sex scenes were deliberately positioned to add practicality to the story-telling. According to him, “In order to get it done to this extent, I allowed the actors to bond and kept only a few crucial crew members on the filming set.”

‘Money Miss Road’, shot in locations at Abuja and Lagos was produced by Joy Odiete of Blue Pictures and features Oma Iyasara, Josh2funny, Charly Boy Oputa, Anthony Monjaro and Melvin Oduah.

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