Things you do that frustrate your spouse

Have you ever experienced the plight of not being understood? There are certain things you do in your relationship that can get your spouse frustrated and tired of the relationship and you wouldn’t even know it.

In some cases, all your partner thinks about is how to get out of the relationship and probably move on with their life. One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is remaining in a frustrating relationship and finding it difficult to amend or come out from.

So today, we took it upon ourselves to pinpoint 5 things you do consciously or unconsciously that tend to frustrate your spouse.

1.      Never listen

It gets boring when you do the talking all the time and never give room for listening, it then gets frustrating when you never allow your partner to listen to them speak. This isn’t a good attribute of a healthy relationship.

When you have laid out or stated your case in front of your partner, wait for them to digest the information or issue and lay their opinion out before you can open up yourself to talk again. You can’t have a complete communication chain if it is only you that is doing the talking. Make the relationship conducive for both you and your partner and listen as they talk.

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2.      You don’t care

When you don’t care about your relationship, it hurts. And when you show no concern for your partner, it also hurts. If you tend to show no emotion, it is a sign that you probably don’t care about what is happening in their lives. If you never show care for your partner, you would never know it when they are overwhelmed by challenges, and somehow, if you get then frustrated by the attitude, their challenge(s) would be waiting somewhere to take a toll on them. As a partner, you are in that relationship to love, hold and support the other party. You shouldn’t keep mute concerning your partner. As a guy, if you see your lady is awfully quiet, open up to her and let her know that you are there for her and you are ready to help her through whatever it is. As a woman, you should be able to build up your man. He is not complete without you. So be there for him and complete him.

3.      You never want to understand

Have you ever experienced the plight of not being understood or misunderstood? Well, it is one hell of stress that no one wants to constantly experience. Imagine experiencing this almost every day of your life in your relationship, Frustration is just around the corner, please save yourself the unnecessary stress and go for someone that would easily understand you and you also should be ready to understand them. Don’t fall head first into a relationship and come to find out later that you can’t understand the guy or the girl in the relationship.

4.      Nag/complain

You could get frustrated when you are always nagging or complaining, trust me, the receiver of your complaints will also get tired of it, if not now, then very soon. Reduce or completely stop nagging and complaining too frequently, it’s not healthy for your relationship. This does not mean you shouldn’t speak up when you need to. And don’t get me wrong, speaking up is way different from nagging. You can speak up and be understood and you can lead the other party to change. But nagging would just cause the other party to walk away from the relationship.

5.      You don’t play your role

In a relationship, both parties should be able to play their part without hesitating. Imagine a man playing the role of his wife every day of his life, it would become frustrating and soon he would explode either by transferring aggression or doing something crazy. The relationship gets interesting and enjoyable when everyone performs their roles accordingly. Help yourself and your partner enjoy the relationship by playing your role. Don’t leave roles unattended.

There is no point in making the relationship frustrating for your partner. If you’re tired, quietly get out of it peacefully if you don’t want the relationship anymore.

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