That viral video on bestiality

Last week, social media was set aflame by a video of a young Nigerian lady boasting that she had sex with a dog for a fee of one million five hundred naira only. The furore which it generated must have alarmed the lady.

A few days later, she claimed in a remorseful manner that the dog-sex claim was a stunt to gain followers. The debate which followed suggests that bestiality is a widespread practice these days. The viral video therefore is a slice of our now degenerated lives that is mirrored by the social media. It is a comment on the degeneration on our core values. It reflects failed socializations at family, school, and religious levels.

The question is what triggers bestiality? The answer could be found in mankind’s penchant for the abnormal, especially by a small minority. It also happens when humans refuse to give their souls to the Great Spiritual force of the Universe – God Almighty.

They sell their souls to dark forces and sink into moral depravity. The result is all forms of bestialities like that viral video of a lady having sex with a dog! Bestiality is as old as mankind. For this reason, the two major religions – Christianity and Islam – and our traditional society made laws to taboo the practice. Those core-values are what make man different from animals.

Porn sites which are easily available with the advent of social media promote depraved behaviour. But bestiality exists in different forms in our world. Ritual murder and pounding a day-old baby to be eaten for political power is a form of bestial behaviour. We also have terrorists, kidnappers, herders’ killings, stealing and destructions in a bestial way. The level of man’s inhumanity to man in our country is bestial in a sense.

Bestiality does not start in a day. It has its origin in many factors. When Government removed religion and prayer from our schools, distorted curricular of Christian and Muslim Religious Studies, removed Civic Education, introduced new normal Human Rights Philosophy, strange political correctness, they were sowing the seeds of bestialities in our societies!

When parents do not train their children the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from such ways, as well as nurturing happy homes, they end up laying the basis for bestial behaviours in their children. Dysfunctional homes, broken family values, lack of family primary socialization set the stage for bestial behaviours!

Primitive materialism and desperation for Machiavellian end-justifies-the-means criminal tendencies on the part of our girls is a challenge of our time. Such girls are ever ready to do anything for money, including prostitution, and appearing half naked at parties under the influence of drugs and other stimulants lead to bestial behaviour.

Politicians and Parties that create the enabling environment for the degeneration of our moral character, core values and integrity must be exposed, condemned for us to come out of present bestial attitudes and inclinations. Our judicial system’s degeneration even in our core values must be corrected. The Police and Law Enforcement Agencies must root out men and women that lure people to all forms of bestialities, in line with the rule of law to face appropriate punishment and sanctions as a deterrent to others. Our laws stipulate that those who are guilty of any form of bestiality are liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

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But this provision of our laws has not been enforced. This is the time to act. There must be massive media sensitization, reorientation and mobilization for parents and their children to know that those who are guilty of bestial behaviours must be held accountable for their actions. They must also know the health hazards that are associated with bestiality. Parents should also live up to their responsibilities by paying close attention to their wards’ growth in their formative years.

We at The Trumpet call for a thorough investigation into the bestial video origins. All persons involved in the act should be brought before the law and prosecuted in line with extant provisions. If there are powerful persons luring poor vulnerable ladies into depravity, such barons should be fished out and tried for the criminal behaviour.

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