TD Jakes eldest daughter set to end her 10 years marriage

Ben Oreva

TD Jakes’ eldest daughter, Cora Jakes Coleman, says she is ending her 10 years old marriage with her husband, Richard Brandon Coleman.

Cora who is the executive director of Destiny House Children’s Ministry of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, announced it on her Instagram page.

Just over a decade after her wedding with her husband, who goes by the stage name SkiiVentura, Cora, has announced that they have agreed to get a divorce.

She wrote: “It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my husband and I have decided to divorce.

“This is a very private and personal matter and I kindly ask for your prayers as I prioritise myself, and most importantly, my children’s well-being at this time,” she said.

The couple, who got married on June 4, 2011, in a private ceremony at her parents’ home, share two adopted children, Amauri, 13, and Jason, 7, as Cora struggled with infertility.

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According to her ministry’s website, Cora, who is also a pastor, received her ministerial licence from the Potter’s House School of Ministry. She also directs the children’s ministry at The Potter’s House in Dallas.

On her sixth wedding anniversary in 2017, Cora revealed that before she met her husband, she struggled with unhealthy relationships.

She said, “God help me to stop giving my body to men that only value my body, but not my mind or spirit.

“Help me to stop falling for my will and not submitting to yours. I just want to be loved, really loved.

“I am tired of being hurt over and over again. God, I want to love unconditionally. God, I’m tired of people betraying me and taking advantage of me,” Cora added.

Furthermore, she said she asked God in 2009 to send her a protector that would help her find peace and she ended up marrying Brandon Coleman in 2011.

“Please send me someone to protect me. Help me to submit to you God so that I can be found spirit first by the man who is called by you to love me.

“God caused my spirit to feel peace when I meet him.

“This was my prayer for my husband wherever he was October 2009, and after diligently seeking God and stepping away from my flesh to get connected to my spirit, suddenly, God brought me the most amazing man I have ever known. He was not perfect, but he was amazing.”

“It is my prayer for the peace of God to surround my family now, in the absence of my husband”

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