Surveyors task residents on new Lagos State mapping information

  • Plan new housing estate

By Onyebuchi Sampson

Private Practising Surveyors of Nigeria (APPSN), a subgroup of Nigerian Institution of Surveyors, have urged Lagos residents to seek information on the new mapping.

Lagos Chapter Chairman on APPSN, Rafiu Adaranijo, relayed the position of the body during its 2022 Annual General Meeting and Luncheon, themed: “Professionalism and Longevity; Addressing the Dimensions of Wellness and Personal Health”.

He said that Lagos State Government had done new survey mappings, which had changed the measurement parameters, thereby affecting Certificates of Occupancy (C of Os) issued as far back as 30 to 40 years ago.

Adaranijo said the new survey mapping had slightly adjusted the physical location of property which required different technological equipment for surveyors to be able to catch up with taking accurate measurements. The Trumpet gathered.

He said: “They remapped the whole of Lagos and if there is a new owner and he wants to do a change of title, the location would have been shifted, so the new technology is helping us in solving the problem.

“We realised that Lagos State Government has done another mapping, so, it has changed the whole coordinates.

“That is why we created this new Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) we are using in Lagos State and with that, there is no way we can use the old instruments.”

Adaranijo said instrument procurement was one of the problems, hence, the association’s partnership with instrument vendors to procure RTK Multiband GPS (Emlid) receiver for members to pay in installment.

“This instrument procurement scheme till date has about 45 subscribers while over 120 surveyors are currently accessing the CORS service even from the Office of the State Surveyor-General,” he said.

He urged property owners to seek clarification from surveyors on how to have a reassessment of their mappings.

Speaking on the proposed Surveyors Estate, he said, over 520 practising surveyors in Lagos deserved decent affordable homes, saying that the project would take off before July.

He expressed that his main aim is for those who are still tenants.

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He said the association was adopting measures to ward off quacks ,while appealing to Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos to ensure surveyors were engaged in all projects.

Adaranijo also called on all tiers of government to carry surveyors along in roads, housing and all projects to stop building collapse and construction failure across the nation.

“Even when constructing bridges, surveyors must be involved because we are the ones that have the instrument and can know where the soil is sinking to avert building collapse or construction failure.

“Surveyors are the foundation of everything. If you want to construct a road, you must call a surveyor even before an engineer,” Adaranijo said.

He also gave details of health care plan for members while reeling out achievements of his administration last year.

MEANWHILE, an Associate Professor at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Dr Okezie Kanu, has advised surveyors to shun isolation, embrace interactions and engage in regular exercises to ensure their good mental health and wellness.

Dr Kanu, who was the guest speaker at the event, said mental health is the foundation of all wellness, hence professionals must remain healthy physically and mentally for efficiency.

While listing requirements for the physical, spiritual, financial and emotional health, Kanu, who is a Neurosurgeon, enumerated the ills of isolation of which he said could compound avoidable diseases and lead to sickness, suicide and death.

He said that necessary factors for wellness included associating with friends and loved ones to eradicate stress and depression as well as group exercises.

“Togetherness fosters good mental health. Mental health is the foundation of wellness.

“Good exercise must be regular and enjoyable; you cannot enjoy good exercise alone. It must be done in togetherness,” Kanu said.

He listed the various kinds of stress and the need to adopt the right coping attitude to overcome the ones that were not predictable and beyond human control to avert sinking into depression.

Earlier, the National President of Nigerian Institution of Surveyors, Dr Oluwamotemi Olukayode, represented by Mr. Adewebi Vincent, appealed to surveyors to be the best they could health wise and emotionally.

“Your greatest asset is yourself, that is why you must take care of your health,” he said.

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