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Insecurity: Stop blaming President Buhari, says chairman of Hausa Community in Edo.

By Isaac Olamikan
Alhaji Badamasi Saleh, the chairman of the Hausa Community in Edo State, has warned against putting the blame of insecurity on President Muhammadu Buhari.
Rather, he stated that the issue of insecurity is accentuated by the sins that Nigerians commit and the only way that the issue can be resolved is by seeking the face of God through fervent prayers.
“Those accusing President Muhammadu Buhari as the one giving support to some criminal Fulani herders such that they continue in the evil machinations are just been mischievous.
“As a leader, you must face so many challenges and the people that you’re leading will most times misunderstand your intentions thereby concentrating on the negative aspect in contrast to the many positive things you are doing.
“A honest evaluation of the security situation in Nigeria will show that the north is most affected. So does it mean that President Buhari is working against the interest of his own people?
“What I have noticed as that these setback that we are going through is caused by the sins that we commit and the only way to address it is to seek the face of God through fervent prayers.
“Another thing is that the population of the security agents is very small in comparison to the herculean task that they have to undertake.
“On this note, I will call for the recruitment of more personnels by the security agencies so that there work can become less stressful.”
He advised those advocating for the separation of Nigeria to look back and see that we are better as one than being fragmented with consideration to the outcome of previous attempts to balkanise the country.

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