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Splendour and Majesty of Olowu of Owu Kuta Kingdom

By Gabriel Omonhinmin

Aafin-Palace of Olowu Kuta is located in Aiyedire Local Government in Osun State, Nigeria, with a serene and expansive structure that bears adequate testimony to the residence and palace of a first-class African king.

Kuta, established by direct descendants of Owu and is an ancient town in Osun State. Other Owu descendants are today scattered across Yorubaland in the South-West Region of Nigeria and other towns around the world. Kuta-Owu is the second Owu settlement that was established in ancient times, long before the war that separated all the Owu people from their then headquarters known as the Orile-Owu. From the above fact, Kuta-Owu had long been in existence before the war that tore the former Owu Kingdom apart.

A first time visitor to this palace will be amazed at the level of activities in the place, and the professional manner each visitor is quickly attended to in a jiffy by the large retinue of the palace staff.

Visitors and business associates of the king, who visit from almost all the nook and crannies of Nigeria, and every region of the world, mixed freely with the locals (indigenes), who are regular in the palace. Activities in the Palace are structured and guided as visitors are made comfortable to feel at home, before they are eventually ushered into the presence of the Olowu of Owu Kuta, who sits on his throne, radiating the splendour and majesty of the throne, as expected of a first-class African Oba-King. The structure at the palace of Aafin Olowu Kuta is such that every visitor and business associate is quickly screened politely and admirably by well-trained palace officials.

The ways and manner the Olowu of Owu Kuta conduct his businesses, is a clear attestation too, to the fact that Nigeria’s royalty has come of age. The Olowu of Owu Kuta exhibits quick reflexes and shows a grasp of how he wants his day to go. All this, he does quietly, while sitting on his throne, dictating the directions of what he wants to be done, in a polite, civilized and admirable manner. His bottlers and cupbearers all wear broad smiles while taking orders from the throne of Kuta-Owu, The Trumpet gathered.

As Palace Watch quietly observed proceedings, it was gratifying to note that a functional palace that can be compared to any modern palaces of ancient Roman Emperors in the world, can also be found in present-day Nigeria.

Palace Watch on that day asked the Olowu Kuta this particular question. Did Your Majesty ever dream of becoming a king? Hear his response, “Being a blue-blood, it is the birthright of every prince to aspire to become a king and I am grateful to God, who has ordained me to be a king of my people today.”

Why is Olowu Kuta so confident? What is his antecedent before ascending the throne? These and many other questions were the jig puzzles Palace Watch tried to unravel during his interaction with the amiable king, and present to our readers.

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Oba (Dr.) Hammed Adekunle Makama Oyelude-(Tegbosun III), The Olowu of Owu Kuta Kingdom was born in 1964 in Kuta. His parents were the direct descendants of the founder of Owu-Kuta Kingdom. He ascended the throne of his forefathers on the 15th of September, 2012.

He is presently the Permanent Chairman of the Supreme Royal Council of all Owu Obas and Chiefs in Yoruba land. The expansive Owu Kingdom which cuts across many cities, towns and villages, is made up of 43 Kingdoms of Owu Obas. It consists of 17 First Class Royal Fathers known as Obas in Yoruba land and 113 Chiefs and Magajis of Kingdoms and Chiefdoms across the entire South West Nigeria towns of Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Lagos, Kwara and some countries in West Africa, such as the Republic of Benin, amongst other countries in the Diaspora.

Oyelude in his right, as a First Class Traditional Ruler, is automatically a member of the Osun State Council of Obas headed by His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi. Oyelude is urban, educated and a highly detribalized Nigerian and traditional ruler. He is regarded as a pro-establishment person. He makes no pretence about his love for a one united and indivisible Nigeria. As far as he is concerned, he talks, breathes and works for Nigeria as a patriot. He is also very comfortable with people and traditional rulers from all parts of Nigeria. Very many of his brotherly traditional rulers are always trooping into his palace, paying courtesy visits. A palace Chief, Ayobami Oluwasukomi, was quick to tell Trumpet Newspaper about the traditional ruler’s personal qualities that have endeared him to the people of his kingdom.

“Our Kabiyesi is a man of immense integrity, who is able to adapt and integrate ideas effectively in solving business and communal problems. Unlike most kings like him, he has the ability to work as a team player, in the process exhibiting effective leadership qualities.

Surprisingly, he is very good at working under pressure, no matter the time of the day. He is an achievement-driven professional, who is also a very fast and good learner of new and strange ideas.

If you must know why our Kabiyesi is so well-loved by all, Chief Oluwasukomi continued, “It is simple. For a man like him who happened to achieve so much at a tender age, before ascending the throne, there would have been these tendencies to want to railroad roughshod over lesser mortals. But, that is not our Kabiyesi. Instead, his humility is disarming.

“He demonstrates daily that true royalty is not living in vain pomp, but in great virtue adorned with humility. In everything he does, he is moderate and modest. Especially while addressing the communities in the Kingdom. His speeches are usually measured. But his actions are irrepressible. Any surprise, that within a short period of ascending the throne, he has helped in the transformation of our hitherto rural town of Owu-Kuta.

“Kabiyesi has this uncanny ability and capacity to harness the assistance of friends and well-wishers, alongside an array of diplomats he has made over the years. They have all, in no small measure, assisted him in bringing about the developments, you know, see all over the town today. He has not only transformed Owu-Kuta, but he has also succeeded in making this town one of the tourist destinations in Osun State. An admirable quality he has exhibited since he ascended the throne is his ability to woo friends and foes and make them work with him to develop our town. His tireless effort at persuading and winning over known detractors is known to everyone that has encountered him on the throne. These are qualities that are very rare in modern-day Kings. He is a special gift; we will continue to thank God for endearing him with such qualities.

“The virtues of his kingly discipline are not taught in any University. In the day to day running of this kingdom and his people, Kabiyesi exhibits forthrightness and honesty, as he is just and fair to all. Before his ascension to the throne, all Owu-Kuta home and abroad, prayed to God to give us a king, who will be compassionate, just and fair to our people, these prayers we are very proud to say today, our Kabiyesi possess. So we can thank God enough for giving us a good king.

“You know what? To be perfectly just as a king is an attribute of a divine nature. And to be just is the best ability a king must-have. This is another glory we will continue to thank God over.”

The 58 years old Oba Oyelude is married and blessed with adorable children. He attended African Church Primary School, Kuta for his elementary education. He again attended African Church Secondary Modern School, Kuta/Ileogbo. He holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering. He is one of the Structural Designs and Development experts in integrated Structural Systems we have around here.

As a result of his sound educational background, even as a First Class King, he occasionally acts as a facilitator in various Seminars and Conferences organized by different professional bodies in and outside Nigeria.

In the year 2004, Oba Oyelude initiated a national advocacy programme in support of the Nigerian Army and he has since then remained at the forefront of the people promoting professionalism in the Nigerian Military, especially the Nigerian Army.

Because of Kabiyesi’s consistent advocacy for a good environment, he has been a regular guest on many radio and television programmes and Talk Shows on Environmental and Construction related issues and youth empowerment. Some of his research works include Stress Management – An Exhaustive Training Manual for Reduction and Management of individual and Corporate Stress.

Another research paper by the traditional ruler, which is currently in use, is the paper titled, “Business Communication, Manpower Development, Work Environment, Images and Perception Management.

His business interest is global, especially in Aviation, Real Estate and Property Development. Also Specialized in Products, Human and Material Resources Development and Management, while his business concerns are spread across some foreign and African countries.

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