Sexual Assault: IOC President to Meet with Peng Inside Close-Loop in Beijing Olympics

Oviri Kelvin

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, has stated that he will be having a meeting with Peng Shuai inside a closed loop in Beijing to discuss her well-being.

Peng Shuai had in November, taken to social media to accuse former Chinese Vice Premier, Zhang Gaoli, of sexually assaulting her.

Bach, Thursday, noted that a former world number one tennis doubles player’s well-being and safety are of utmost priority.

Penultimate February, Peng said her post on social media was misconstrued that she never accused anyone of sexually assaulting her.

In all these melodramas, Zhang who she alleged to have sexually assaulted her is yet to comment on the issue.

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According to the IOC President, several videos and phone calls have been made with Peng after the incident and he has opted to see her inside the close loop in the Beijing Olympics starting on February 4 to 20th. The close-loop is a restricted zone for participants to avoid the spread of covid19 in Beijing.

In a news conference, Bach said: “We know from her explanations that she is living in Beijing, that she can move freely, spend time with family and friends.

“Now we will be able to do the next step in a personal meeting to convince us in person of her well-being and state of mind.

“If she wants to have an inquiry we would also support her in this. But it’s her life, it’s her allegations.

“We will know more about her physical integrity and mental state when we meet her in person,” he added.

Bach assured of the IOC’s continuous support to Peng during this travail noting that the support will not diminish in any guise.

According to reports, a tennis tournament slated to take place in China has been suspended by the Women Tennis Association (WTA) in solidarity with Peng.

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