Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said in Luke 13:1-5 that unless we repent from our sins, humans will continue to perish through different weapons of death. Coronavirus is a weapon of death, and so are accidents, sicknesses and the rest. What the Word of God has said is that all these problems emanated from sin even though scientists and others may ascribe them to just human inconsistencies and other factors.

We pray that the blood of Jesus Christ will cover you and your family from every weapon of death in this era of mass destruction forever in Jesus’ Name.

It is foolish to keep on sinning because it is a way of accumulating problems for ourselves in the future.

The truth is that all problems, sicknesses, wars and other crises on earth in the past and even today emanated from sin but many people are ignorant of this fact because they don’t see the immediate consequences of their sins, hence assume that there are no consequences. Some consequences of sins can come after days, some years, while others for generations to come. Some consequences come most times when the person must have even forgotten what he or she has done.

The Word of God cannot be broken and since the Word of God has said the wages of sin is death, nobody can escape it. Even when you repent from sin, it still demotes you because it brings delay to your breakthroughs and miracles.

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Yes, it is not the Will of God that people should perish but people are perishing every day because of personal and societal sins.

Many people say nobody born of a woman can live without sin and because of this assumption, they continue to sin and hope that they will still make Heaven. This is a wrong assumption because the Bible clearly states that without holiness, nobody will see God or enter Heaven now and on the last day.

Adam and Eve committed a single sin and were driven from the Garden of Eden and in the same vein today, sin drives us from your personal Garden of Eden that God created for us to enjoy all His blessings.

Also, note that every sin committed must be paid for whether God forgives you or not. When sin is committed and the sinner repents, the sinner will still have to start from wherever he or she has been demoted to through the sin and start climbing again to perfection and this is also a form of punishment.

This is the reason many people are stagnant and are not progressing the way they should even as Christians.

We should therefore be wise and see sin as suicide in instalment and as an agent of destruction. Therefore, stay away from it because God will not excuse anybody.

If God did not compromise the consequences of sin for his only begotten Son Jesus Christ when He carried the sins of the whole world to be crucified, He will not compromise it for anyone.

The sins of the children of Israel kept them wandering in the wilderness for 40 years instead of getting to the promised land at the appointed time, according to the initial plan of God for them. Sin downgrades and demotes a destiny and we must always remember that all the problems of humanity today have their roots in sin and until we stop sinning, crises will continue.

The wages of sin is death hence poverty, sicknesses, wars and the rest are weapons of death that came into the world through personal and societal sins.

Therefore, the wise thing to do is to repent of any sin you are committing now, ask for forgiveness from God and remain faithful and hold on to living a holy life in line with the Word of God. The mercy of God is covering people from being destroyed by the devil because of their sins but if they don’t repent, the mercy of God can expire and the devil and demons will pounce on them. This is the reason many are dying in abnormal circumstances these days.

The wages of sin is death and even if a true Christian that is not a habitual sinner refuses to abide by the righteousness of God, he or she can still perish. God is no respecter of any man and the only way to fulfil our destinies is to stay away from sin and unrighteousness and abide by the righteousness and the holiness of God because one may not be a sinner but can be unrighteous in some areas of life and unrighteousness also brings death. The difference between sin and unrighteousness will be explained in this column in subsequent messages so that we can keep ourselves in holiness and righteousness and enjoy all that God has created for us to live a joyous and meaningful life.

Repent, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour and be saved from death and all the weapons of the powers of darkness this season and in the future.

God bless us in Jesus Name.

Pastor ESANEROVO TRINITY AGBODO is a columnist with The Trumpet Newspaper and can be reached at

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