Reduce hunger before leaving office, Ogbee to Umahi


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) senatorial candidate for Ebonyi Central zone, Hon. Lazarus Ogbee has appealed to Governor David Umahi to eradicate poverty in the state before he exits office on May 29, 2023.

The former lawmaker who represented Ikwo/ Ezza south federal constituency stated that he left Umahi’s government as a result of alleged bad governance and tasked the governor to have a rethink and dismantle some of the flyovers and use the money to empower People.

Ogbee made this known while addressing stakeholders and his teeming supporters during the final tournament of ‘Good-luck unity cup’ between IDA Team and AGBAKORO Team, which took place at Amazekwe Primary School, Ezza South Local government of Ebonyi State.

He stated that the ‘Good-luck Unity cup’ tournament started in 2008 to empower thousands of youths in Ezza South local government area.

The senatorial candidate, however, urged the youths of the area to go and collect their permeant Voters cards, (PVCs), to enable them to vote for the candidates of their choice, come 2023 general elections.

“By tomorrow, we will go and carry INEC people to come here to distribute the PVCs. We want you people to do your best to come and collect your PVCs because that’s the only thing that can empower you to vote.

“The PVCs will enable you to vote for candidates of your choice, especially for your son and the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who have done well for you people in the past.

“Vote for the only governorship candidate of PDP, Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, and if you like the hike in the price of fuel, inflation in the price of goods; garri, rice and transportation, then vote APC to increase your suffering, but God forbid.

“Return to PDP, and you should know that no other political party ever won election in Ebonyi state since 1998 till date. It has been PDP. Vote again for PDP.

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“If you build hundreds of fly-overs and the people are living in poverty, have you done anything, no. Provide an enabling fund for the people to eat; buy vehicles, motorcycles, and even bicycles to enable them climb the fly-overs.

“You don’t build flyovers for the lizards, flies to climb. David Umahi should have a rethink. He should dismantle some of the flyovers and use the money to empower the people so that people can eat and be strong to climb the remaining flyovers.

“We supported him (Umahi) to become governor, but when he was not doing the right thing, I left him (Umahi). There is no amount of money he can give to confuse me. It’s better I stayed with my people than to remain with him and get corrupted.

“I told him (Umahi) that I can’t work with you any longer, and I thank God that I left on time, otherwise, the fracture I had in my leg would have been worst. I walked on crutches for one year. While in clutches, God gave me victory to fly the flag of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, as the senatorial candidate of the party for Ebonyi Central senatorial zone.

“And the four Local Government Areas in Ebonyi Central senatorial zone will witness great development and transformation if I emerge victorious in the forthcoming general election” he stated.

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