PWAN suspends MD accused of assaulting staffer


Property World Africa Network (PWAN) Group has indefinitely suspended Mrs Uloma James Stella, a senior staffer of the company, for allegedly assaulting one Mr. Bajie John, an 18-year-old former worker of the company.

Stella was depicted in a video clip that has gone viral on social media, where she verbally and physically assaulted John, ordering him to get out of her office, just because the latter had the guts to ask for his unpaid December 2021 salary.

The Trumpet learned that Mrs Uloma was the Managing Director of PWAN Prestige, one of the 40 affiliate companies under the PWAN Group.

In a statement signed personally, the President of PWAN Group, Dr Jayne Onwumere, said: “We seriously condemn this ugly act and want to state emphatically and categorically that this dastardly act is not in our culture.

“It is not our habit and it is not our code of conduct. As we all know, PWAN Group is one of the leading real estate businesses in Nigeria in a decade, with a good and honest reputation.

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“This verbal and physical assault reported yesterday, March 14th, 2022, in one of our affiliate companies did not emanate from us but the personal idiosyncrasy of Mrs Uloma James Stella, which will be met with equal sanctions.”

Consequently, the management of PWAN Group suspended Stella and asked the firm’s disciplinary committee to commence enquiries into the incident, to see that justice is done.

Onwumere further said that PWAN Group would release the appropriate disciplinary measure against Stella over the inhuman and degrading treatment of John.

Onwumere insisted that PWAN Group is committed to her core values of respect to dignity of humanity, adding, “we truly apologise to Mr Bajie John over this inhuman act against his person.”

Meanwhile, PWAN Group has paid John his salary, promising to pick up his medical bills in case he sustained any injury during the physical attack.

The company has further offered to sponsor John through his university education and employ him afterwards.

“Mrs Uloma has already apologised to Mr John for the assault she meted on him,” the President said.

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