Prof Akpotu appeal and Isoko Path to Political Redemption

Says Isoko Senatorial Ambition Is Beyond Party's Affiliation.

By Jubilant Igelige JP,




The President General of the Isoko Apex social cultural and administrative organ, Prof. Chris Akpotu, has again appealed to all Isoko sons and daughters, home and diaspora to critically evaluate the true position of the Isoko peòple politically, particularly taking a fare share at the National Assembly of our common patrimony, and embrace the truth.

The number one Isoko citizen made this known at the Isoko Unity House when he played host to journalist from Asaba and Abuja. According to him, the resolution that birthed ISOKO FOR SENATE 2023, was not orchestrated by Prof. Chris Akpotu, but the entire Isoko people, in all-inclusive annual general conference of 27th December, 2021. As usual, the conference comprised people of multiparty and facets of interest, adding that in common old parlance, politics is premised on personal interest, but that would be suicidal to Isoko collective interest if remained unchecked.

Following the reverred composition of IDU, videlicet: All Isoko traditional rulers, all Clan PGs, Isoko Branches Council, Stakeholders, Patrons, BOT’s, Women & Youth wings, etcetera, we must, as a matter of necessity understand that the bond decision reached is unshakable, sacrosanct, and as a people, we must prove the political mettle in the Isoko Senatorial ambition.

Frantic consultation efforts made to sisters’ nations – Ijaw and Itsekiri, March 8, 2022, and Sunday March 27, 2022, respectively to solicit ethnic support, haven considered the lopsided, oppressive elective offices shared in Delta State, thereby making Isoko nation play second fiddle in national political discourse, cannot be wished away under any guise of pretentious good relationship.

The erudite scholar said, despite the long natural and cultural fraternity with other nationalities, arising from socio-cultural, marriage, political, and also by divine arrangement of belonging to same Senatorial district, Isoko had been maligned to a fault. It is crystal clear that the Ijaws, through Senator James Manager, held sway, clinching the Senatorial seat for the past 20 unbroken years in the office that belonged to 3 ethnic nations. Also, the Itsekiri, via the former Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, who became the number one citizen as Governor for 8 solid years, a political position/seat that is far better and valuable than 50 Senators put together.

The well-read Professor of Management Sciences, Prof. Chris Akpotu, said, the Senate seat is not councilorship or appointive position that requires personal choice. The red chamber is a ground for ingenuity and intellectual orchestra. An office where members cross-fertilize ideas and not a place to sell “kpokpogarri.” A Senator must be seen to have the audacity to address issues frontally, as well as confront other Senators in the hallowed red chambers with novel positions. It is expected that as a party or ethnic nationality, we must be mindful of our representation, and not fanning the embers of political sentiments, he added.

“SIR. AYODELE OGHOGHO OTHIHIWA, FCA, an Isoko economic grandmaster, a man of intergrity, right standing, whose sense of experience is quite massive, a world financial expert with wonderful international connections. He came under the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), but wickedly, he was frustrated and pushed aside for selfish reasons like a used eva-water-can.

“Now, to right the political dejection, to right the denial, to right the overbearing ethnic insults and give Isoko a political redemptive voice, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has presented to us another indomitable Isoko SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, Hon. Joel Onowoakpo Thomas, whose social and educational features are similar to Sir, Ayodele Oghogho Othihiwa.

Hon. Onowoakpo, a man with robust credentials, a man with creative experience, a financial expert who broke the “revenue jinx” both in Delta State and federal, former Chairman, Delta Board of Internal Revenue (DBIR), a seasoned gentleman with mega pedigree and seasoned Chartered Accountant of great significance, eminently versed in Tax consultancy services. He has defiled comparison, and so, we will not toy with this ample opportunity of sending him to the red chambers in the coming election. “It is true that, leadership is about preparation, and preparation is vision,” Rethink!

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“He posited that, the era of party is supreme is “antiquated.” Party dominance is typically nothing without stringent recourse to capacity, commitment and effective representation. Party is supreme will experience political oblivion if equity, fair play, justice and good conscience is considered a taboo in a democratic environment where 3 brothers ought to share national cake. Therefore, Isoko people must rise up against this oppressive political marriage that is at variance with our collective decision and vision.

“Relatedly, the communique issued by the conference of Clans President Generals 18th March, 2022, arising from a known elective arithmetic cannot be jettison over night, otherwise they see Isoko as a conquered territory. We will throw in the towel of continued fruitless support because Isoko nation had paid her dues supporting other ethnic groups ab initio. If the political romance and marriage is not appreciated and compensated proportionately with the Senatorial office, by political leaders and/or powers that be, then people are just been economical with the truth. We must begin a new behavioural conversation as a people and strategically preach the growth of Isoko nation, not the interest of one individual.

Finally, may I submit with blend of honesty that, as a nation, we cannot be deprived politically, yet coarced to support mediocrity and inexperience that will not enhance Isoko political survival. Our support to Hon. Joel Onowoakpo, has no party affiliation. We say NO to political conspiracy against Isoko Senatorial ambition on the account that Isoko interest is paramount and sacrosanct.

Base on the foregoing understanding, we enjoined Delta South Senatorial district, both professionals and business class, to reciprocate same political knot and gesture of supporting Isoko nation without dissenting political actions. It will amount to absurdity to discuss mediocrity in the presence of excellence. Truly, the Isoko APC candidate, Hon. Joel Onowoakpo, is the way to go, and as the cultural and administrative mouth piece of the Isoko Nation, I say with precision that, Isoko is bleeding politically and we must navigate to correct the error by stitching the bleeding spot to avoid being amputated, he concluded.

East or West, Home Is The Best.

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