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Details of my private meeting with President Buhari- Oluwo of Iwo

By Gabriel Omonhinmin

The charismatic Oluwo of Iwo Land, Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu -1, is one controversial traditional ruler that means so many things to so many people in Yoruba land. He is one of the first class Traditional Rulers in the state, he is known to take on any first-class traditional ruler, who dares mess around with him.

Whatever people’s opinion about him, good or bad, the Oluwo of the Iwo Kingdom is never perturbed. He believes strongly in himself and is pushed by his personal beliefs and conviction.

Trumpet Palace Watch recently encountered him, and a range of issues were discussed. It is our pleasure to lead our readers into the heart of these exclusive discussions.

Trumpet: Sometimes ago, you were accused of taking sides with the Fulanis, who most people accused of invading the bushes and forest in the South West. Why the accusation?

Oluwo: I’m not surprised that people will just sit in their comfort zones and begin to insinuate and make so many unfounded accusations. But as a first-class traditional ruler, I’m used to such accusations by now.

Anyhow, what transpired is that, at the height of the raging controversies about Fulani’s invasion of our farms, and our immediate environment as a traditional ruler, I decided to carefully study the situation. From my careful study of things, I discovered, yes, some Fulani herders, who are long known for cattle trading and rearing for centuries in this part of the country, were indeed in some of our bushes. But they were just minding their businesses.

In the same breath, my findings also showed that a large number of armed mercenaries from Libya, Guinea, Cameroon and Niger, were also all over our forest. These mercenaries were indeed and are still causing a lot of trouble in and around the South West Region as we speak.

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

I, therefore, seek a private audience with Mr President Muhammadu Buhari and brief him in detail on what I discovered and what is happening around us in the South West. I also seized the opportunity to advise the President on what I think should be done, to separate our local Fulani herders, who have lived with us for several centuries from these dangerous elements, who are trying to cause trouble in our lands and country.

From my findings, we discovered that these foreign marauders were in the habit of killing and rustling the cows of our indigenous Fulanis. Oftentimes, they use these cows they stole as a decor to commit more heinous crimes in the process.

I made no pretence in telling the President that pasturing is part of the daily life of our indigenous Fulanis. And for them to embrace modern ranching techniques, they need to be trained and taught what to do with regard to modern ranching. And as such, special national economic provisions should be made to accommodate the kind of training that will benefit them. As this is the only way, our indigenous Fulanis who are used to pasturing can gradually transit from the present crude methods of rearing cows to embrace modern day ranching.

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I, therefore, suggested that some of them should be taken outside the country to places like South Africa and the Netherlands for training on ranching.

Trumpet: Kabiyesi, traditional rulers are supposed to be apolitical. What informed your open endorsement of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola for a second term as the Governor of Osun State?

Oluwo: Endorsing Governor Oyetola for a second term as the Governor of our State Osun, doesn’t make me partisan in any way. I’m a traditional ruler, who must at all times look out for the interest of my people.

Moreover, it is not just and proper, to just wake up one day, and change a man who has been performing and doing an excellent job as a governor, just because some people want him out of office. Why most people are after Governor Oyetola’s chair, is because unlike other governors in other states of the federation, he is not a noisemaker.

He does his things quietly without making noise about them and moves on to other projects. For example, Governor Oyetola had done several roads quietly without any fanfare, as some State Governors are known for. The Iwo-Oshogbo Road, Alliece Osun – Oyo Road and within the four years of his first tenure constructed one of the fly-over bridges in Oshogbo, all these projects he initiated and completed without making a noise.

For example, Osun state is largely a civil servant state, since he assumed office, he has consistently made sure that all the civil servants in the state are paid their salaries as at when due. Pensioners also are not own a dime within this period in question.

Oluwo of Iwo Land, Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu -1
Oluwo of Iwo Land, Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu -1

Moreover, I am looking out for the Osun West Senatorial zone interest as it concerns our present and future interest. This I make no pretence about and also have no apology about. If you must know, Senator Adeleke, the P.D.P candidate in the July 16th Governorship election is from Ede.

He is also from this Senatorial zone just like Iwo, my domain. If he wins the Osun State Governorship election, that means my desire for an Iwo indigene to emerge as the next Governor of Osun State, will evaporate into the thin air. As expected from a traditional ruler, who loves his people and wants the very best for his people, I am expected to go where my heart is. If people like it, let them call it selfishness. I don’t see what is wrong with what I am doing.

Trumpet: What could be the possible reason(s) for the sharp disagreement between the immediate past Governor Rauf Aregbeshola, who is now the Minister of Interior and Governor Oyetola?

Oluwo: I don’t know what caused their disagreement. You know politicians, they can never be predicted they always go where their bread is buttered.

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