Overseas-Based Fiancé Dumps Woman After Paying Bride Price

Benjamin Omoike

A young woman has told the heartbreaking story of her boyfriend, who left her after he paid her bride price.
In the video that the young woman posted, she says that she and the man had been together for years before he moved to Italy.

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They had a great relationship until after their marriage introduction. Then, the man in question became a snub.

She wrote: “Since 2015 we have been dating. He travelled to Spain to hustle in 2018. Came back December 2021, did introduction and traveled back. Everything was going fine till this January …to pick my calls is problem. he doesn’t call for any reason. Never been pained like this. What should I do guys. He has paid my bride price already…i really wish he did not. could have moved on with my life… I can’t date anyone too.”

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