Olympic medalist misses out in DNA Athletics

Oviri Kelvin

The Olympic silver medalist, Laura Muir, has withdrawn from the DNA Athletics event taking place in Glasgow Emirate Arena due to a back injury.

The athlete who was to represent Scotland in the 800m in the new six-nation event took to her Twitter handle to announce her displeasure in missing out in the contest.

The maiden edition of the DNA athletics includes six nations with 18 athletes each competing in eleven events.

The competing nations include Spain, Wales, Scotland, Portugal, England, and, Ireland

Laura revealed that the event came too early because she is yet to recover from her injury, adding that she is still sore.

She apologised to her fans over the disappointing effect of her absence but appealed to them to support the Scottish team to victory.

According to her statement on Twitter she said, “Sadly it looks like the race has come round too early as it was still too sore to run last night.

“Sorry to all the fans hoping to see me race this weekend. But please throw your support behind the teams tomorrow and I hope you enjoy the new event,” Laura added.

Earlier, the 28 years old athlete had vented her anger on not being able to train for the DNA athletics having flown from South Africa early enough to get prepared for the games.

Laura said: “Devastated, I hurt my back last week and haven’t been able to train since so will have to withdraw from the DNA athletics tomorrow.

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“I bought a new flight to fly back from South Africa early, to give myself the best chance of being ready for Saturday,” she concluded.

The devastated Laura hopes her fans go on to enjoy the competition without her absence.

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