Nigeria’s female-led AZAPAY innovating way we send, receive money


Nigeria’s tech eco-system is expanding without let. From real-time payment notification, cardless payment technology, fake bank alert solution, and the lowest rate on transactions, Nigeria’s female-lead fintech startup, AZAPAY, has introduced an array of innovative ways to help Nigerians seamlessly make and receive payments.

In 2020, software developer and tech celebrity, Jacquelyn (Jackye) Madu, founded AZAPAY after observing a series of challenges relating to processing payments in Nigeria.

Top on the list was network downtime, card jamming in ATMs and transaction failure despite account debited. “Many of us have been in that situation where we try to make payment only for us to be debited yet not reflecting on the other side. And, when we call our banks, they urge us to exercise patience which might have us wait for days or even weeks,” Jackye told Ripples Nigeria.

“This singular challenge has left many stranded and frustrated. At AZAPAY we think this is not right as we feel the pain of our people. During our research, we discovered that the delay is a result of the too many parties involved in the process.

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And, this, we are set out to resolve,” she added. Who is Jackye Madu? A web developer by profession, Jackye, who equally doubles as CEO of HotBox Technology a software development company, has helped several leading companies and brands build digital products such as websites and mobile applications.

After years of working as a web developer, Jackye transitioned from being a chief technology officer to a chief executive officer, with the launch of AZAPAY in May 2020. Jackye finds time in between her tough schedules in the tech space to pursue her other passion of modelling for notable brands, with her face dotting some commercials.


Mission AZAPAY believes there is a need to build a platform that embraces a cardless era where the money in one’s account is all that is needed. “We are building something that will serve Nigerians better.

The goal is simple -to help our users perform seamless transactions,” Jackye explained. Milestones From a simple idea, AZAPAY has seen steady growth over the years, offering users a convenient way to make purchases while providing businesses with the comfort of accepting transfer payments from their customers.

After an initial launch in May 2020, the Jackye-led team returned to the drawing board in January 2021 to rebuild the platform from scratch, leveraging feedback received from reviewers. Eleven months later, the improved fintech product was re-launched and went on to acquire an impressive number of users.

Between May and July 2022, its merchant feature, where businesses can accept payment for goods and services via the AZAPAY network, has also attracted some big names such as GIG Logistics, Shoprite, and JARA Stores, amongst others.

“I think AZAPAY has helped us stretch since our launch. We wake up almost every day resolving one issue or the other. Today, it is paying off, and I must appreciate my team of experts who have invested their time and resources to see us come this far. “Aside from boarding big names as GIG Logistics and Shoprite, we have also closed a solid partnership with Access Bank,” she said.

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