Naira crashes to N620 per dollar at parallel market, rises in I&E window


Naira plunged to a new low on the parallel market at the weekend as it exchanged at N620 to the dollar, down 0.8 per cent due to pressure on demand for the greenback.

The naira had traded at N615 to one dollar previously as traders said demand for the dollar has grown in the last few days to pressure from people wanting to go on summer holidays.

However, unlike what was obtained on the parallel market, the naira closed stronger at N424.63 to the dollar gaining 0.01 percent at the official market. The Trumpet Gathered

Traders said most participants at the Import and Export (I&E) foreign exchange window maintained bids between N411.42 and N444.00 to the dollar.

Meanwhile Bureau de Change operators said the naira declined against the dollar due to increased demand for the greenback, as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has not been able to meet demand by end-users at the official widow.

The traders put the buying price of the dollar at N614 and the selling price at N620, leaving a profit margin of N6 per dollar.

On the money market, the overnight (O/N) lending rate remained unchanged at 14.00 per cent, while the Open Repo (OPR) increased by 0.04 per cent to close at 13.38 per cent against the previous 13.21 per cent.

Nigeria’s inflation rises highest in five years to 18.6%

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The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said that Nigeria’s inflammation rate rose to 18.6 per cent in June 2022.

The NBS made this known in its Consumer Price Index (CPI) report for June, which was released on Friday, adding that compared to 17.81 per cent recorded in May, the latest figure grew by 0.84 per cent points, also higher than the 17.75 recorded in June 2021.

Nigeria’s inflation rate hits highest level in 65 months over five years and the fifth consecutive month.

According to NBS food inflation rose to 20.6 per cent in June 2011 from 19.5 per cent recorded in May 2012.

The bureau attributes the rise in the food index to increase in prices of bread and cereal food products, potatoes, yam and other tubers, meat, fish, oil, wine and other items.

On a month-on-month basis, the headline inflation rate increased to 1.82 per cent in June 2022, with the average of the CPI for the last 12 months at 16.54 per cent showing a 0.62 per cent increase compared to 15.93 per cent recorded in June 2021.

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