Man’s Journey to perfection


Jesus Christ clearly stated in the book of Matthew chapter 5: 44 -48 that we should be perfect even as our heavenly Father is perfect. There is need to take this message seriously because many have zeroed their minds that perfection is only for God and not for men.

Jesus said that we can live a perfect life and He cannot lie, therefore all we need is to see perfection as the target and work towards it.

The journey to perfection in Christ is a journey of shedding off the weight of sin and iniquity as we move on after receiving Christ in our lives. This is the reason after receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, the next thing to do is to study the word of God and listen to genuine sermons from the Bible and live by the truth of God always.

Jesus Christ did not condemn the woman caught in adultery but said she should go and SIN NO MORE. The man who was born blind but healed by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ also got the same admonition of SIN NO MORE.

So, the journey to perfection in Christ is a journey of “now that you are saved, go and SIN NO MORE”. Hence, if you were involved in sexual immorality before you surrendered to Christ, the journey towards perfection is to forsake fornication and live righteously going forward. If you were a liar before met Christ, the journey to perfection means to forsake lying and cling to truth in line with the Word of God. If you were somebody who finds it difficult to forgive others when they offend you, the journey to perfection means you should jettison the spirit of lack of forgiveness and embrace forgiving others no matter the wrong they may have done.

Recently, I was chatting with a businessman and was stressing the need to do holy business without lies and dribbling customers and he replied that everyone is a sinner because no one is righteous according to the Bible. Yes, it is true that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God but God has made it clear that the time is now to repent and live a righteous life. Then, who is now righteous or perfect? This is a very big question because how can we evaluate who is righteous and perfect today in this world that is laced with sin everywhere.

It is to this effect that we must understand that perfection is a journey and what God is interested in is our resolve to shed off the weight of sin and unrighteousness, so that we can become perfect. It is not for us to say nobody is sinless, hence we should continue to dwell in our own sin.

God did not create humans to be semi-perfect but to be perfect in all things just as God is perfect in all things. Adam was created as another God and that is why all angels were commanded to bow down for him after his creation (Hebrew 1).


But how can one be perfect in this unholy world? First and foremost, you must be born again to start the race and to be born again means to receive the Holy Spirit, the breath of God afresh.

Adam received the breath of life and became a living soul but Jesus Christ has brought the Holy Spirit again to quicken us into a living soul.

The Holy Spirit, the breath of God is back to man us to be living souls and that is why Jesus Christ, the second Adam is referred to as a quickening Spirit

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God is the lamentation of Apostle Paul in the book of Romans 3:23 in the Bible and this lamentation was to caution those who thought they were holy and did not need any form of repentance among the Jews living in Rome. Many Jews believed then that righteousness is only according to the law of Moses but never knew that the law of Moses only prepared them to get to the stage of real righteousness and to attain the perfection that was in Adam and Eve before they sinned in the Garden of Eden.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ admonished His disciples and indeed all mankind to be perfect the way our Heavenly Father is perfect. In essence, every man on earth is on earth to attain perfection according to the Will of Almighty God.

Adam and Eve were great and perfect in all their ways until they began to have a second thoughts about the Word of God after being deceived by the fallen Angel Lucifer the devil through the serpent.

Our journey on earth is to gain perfection and it is possible because Jesus Christ has made it possible. Therefore, our business as followers of Christ is to always look forward and never go back to our past sins when we forsake them and gradually we will surely get to the mark of perfection in Christ Jesus. God bless in Jesus Name.

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