legislation is serious business, needs competent hands – Joel-Onowakpo tells electorates

as Christian community supports his candidature

As the senatorial elections draw nearer to electing the right candidate to represent the people of Delta South at the red chamber of the National Assembly, Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas (JOT), candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has appealed to electorates to be wary of voting in incompetent representatives.

Joel-Onowakpo said Nigeria is fast evolving and the people should be concerned about who is most qualified with the skill set to bring the dividends of democracy to the diverse senatorial district.

According to him, there are candidates from different political parties which gives the electorates the room to choose their preferred candidate guided by their public profile, antecedents, character, charisma, articulation and the burning desire to push precarious issues to the fore of national discourse without recourse of whose ox is gored.

Arguing that “you can not give what you do not have”, he stated that Nigerians are more enlightened and conscious of who represents them in various elective offices in 2023 as the time where power is handed charitably to a candidate is over.

Joel-Onowakpo added that the people are yearning for candidates who are result-oriented, selfless and accountable, reiterating that the government is serious business and not a retirement plan for crooks orchestrating to evade the law and justice.

“Government is serious business and not charity where incompetent persons are voted into power to represent the people,” Joel-Onowakpo said. He added, “There is a wind of change blowing across Nigeria and we must endeavour to move in its direction.”

The Harvard-trained tax expert appealed to the people of Delta South to be considerate of the decision to move the senatorial district to the echelon among the comity of districts with sterling representatives who move powerful motions and present quality bills to impact positively on the lives of the led.

Joel-Onowakpo, who is spurred by the passion to correct the anomalies in the senatorial district which lacks basic amenities including a federal medical centre, federal institutions, portable drinking water and a nonfunctional Warri Port, lamented that what reaches Delta South from the centre does not commensurate with what it contributes to the national coffer.

Meanwhile, the Christian community in Isoko south local council has promised to support, mobilize and vote for Joel-Onowakpo Thomas in the senatorial elections stressing that he represents an epitome of humility deserving of a representative that will be of service to the people and humanity.

The Christian community under the aegis of Isoko Church Leaders Council administrated by the distinguished leadership of the president and bishop of Oleh Diocese, Rt Rev J.U Aruakpor, expressed that their support for the APC candidate is not hinged on sentiments but on his capacity to represent the people effectively if elected.

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Speaking when the Christian community played host to Hon Joel-Onowakpo Thomas at St Paul Cathedral, Oleh, on February 3, 2023, the vice president, Archbishop Jim Bright Adaigho exemplified the APC candidate for his contributions and support to the growth of the church, affirming that the church will not only support him in prayers but also mobilize and vote for him.

Also, the public relations officer Ven R.O.D Oziwhele, attested that the former chairman, Delta Board of Internal Revenue (DBIR) is a committed tither who pays his tithe (equally shared) to all churches in his hometown, Emede, regardless of the size, edifice and number of members.

“One thing I know about him when I was transferred to Emede is that he pays his tithe equally to all churches notwithstanding the numbers of members,” Oziwhele said.

With several issues affecting the Isoko people and the senatorial zone, the Isoko Church Leaders Council underlined, after he chronicled his antecedents both in public, private and charitable works through his foundation, Elomaz Foundation, that he must use the office for the good of humanity.

Nevertheless, Joel-Onowakpo appealed to the Christian community to keep praying for him and should be relentless even when he is elected, acknowledging that prayers are needed to guide all leaders, who have the people at heart, to deliver the dividends of democracy without hesitation.

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