Junior Oshoffa leads rebirth of Celestial Church

By Gabriel Omonhinmin

Pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph (S.B.J.) Oshoffa’s foray into Christianity was indeed remarkable. He changed the face of Christian religious practices in the entire West African region, Africa and the world during his lifetime.

The Celestial Church of Christ, (CCC) was founded on the 29th of September 1947 in Port- Novo in Dahomey now the Republic of Benin by Pastor, Reverend, Prophet and Founder, S.B.J. Oshoffa. Following a divine visitation. Pastor Oshoffa immediately established a hegemony at the top of the church administration.

Pastor S.B.J Oshoffa, had 40 days of divine revelation in the forest of Dahomey, after which he was commissioned to do signs and wonders. Although a local carpenter by training, his prayers of deliverance and healing of the sick, who came to him in droves and the occasional raising of the dead alongside the liberation of the oppressed, made people from all over West Africa.

Without leaving the shores of West Africa, Pastor S.B.J. Oshoffa’s fame spread worldwide, though there was no internet. But just like every living mortal, Pastor S.B.J. Oshoffa died at the age of 76 years on September 15, 1985, as a result of a road accident, which opened another page and era in the history of the Celestial Church of Christ. In the past 37 years, the story of CCC worldwide has been full of drama, intense rivalry and intrigue.

Just when one expects the end of one episode another opens. This invariably resulted in the huge cracks in the once united Celestial Church Empire, which the late Founder left behind.

It was therefore not a surprise that at some point in the church’s history, they paraded different factions that seemed only united by the white garment uniform the church congregation wore with several litigations in various courts. In March 2001 amid this acrimonious and tense situation, Pastor Philip Hunsu Ajose, who was the then Pastor of CCC worldwide died.

In December of the following year, His Eminence Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Adebowale Abiodun Vihan Oshoffa, an animal biological Scientist was installed as the head of the large organization worldwide.

20 years down the line, after the assumption of office of the present leadership led by, His Eminence Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina F. A. A. V. Oshoffa, as Pastor and Spiritual Head of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide, the toxic relationship and rivalry that formally bedevilled the church, seem to have suddenly died down and phased out. The Trumpet Religious Desk had a chat with Superior Evangelist Kayode Ajala, Spokesman for the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide to know the reason behind the sudden unity, The Trumpet gathered.

Ajala said, “There was nothing extraordinary in it, except that His Eminence, the new Pastor and Spiritual Head of the Celestial Church of Christ, decided to streamline the activities of the church and got so many people involved in the day-to-day administration of the church. With this singular act, most members of the church began to get more insights into what is happening in the church hierarchy.

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With this, there was no longer room for rumours and liars. “Most people now settled to work for the general improvement of the church. As it is the nature and characteristic of the new leadership of the church, without prompting, His Eminence, Reverend Emmanuel Oshoffa, pushed the church administration further to the people, who were earlier advocating that the church be restructured.

With this, there was nothing to complain about as everyone now had a role to play in the church’s affairs and growth. “ Each head of these Dioceses, both foreign or local, makes their contributions directly to the church headquarters, where final decisions on matters concerning the church are taken daily.

Despite this, we have six reconstituted committees, which look into various issues such as security, finances, administration and what have you. All these innovations have brought about purposeful leadership in the church. “With all these improvements, splinter groups began to retrace their steps, Oshoffa is never known for frivolities. He readmits these people back into the family without asking any questions, so long as they are ready to abide by the rules and regulations that have been guiding the church for decades now.

And for anyone to be truly aligned with the CCC worldwide. “He intends to bequeath one united, stronger Celestial Church of Christ worldwide that will be universally accepted as one united body of Christ.”

Oshoffa, is the Spiritual Head, of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide, eldest son of Prophet Pastor and Founder of CCC worldwide, S.B.J. Oshoffa. He was born on December 25th 1948 at Kpave, Dahomey, now Republic of Benin. His name Mobiyina literally translated as “I have given birth to this” was an attestation to the fact that his late father, Pastor SBJ Oshoffa, gave birth to other children, which did not live.

Thus compelling him to hinge his hope on God, for his survival. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Biological Science in 1976 and later proceeded to Nance in France in 1977 for a Master’s Degree in the same discipline and was appointed the head of the Celestial Church of Christ Diocese of France in the year 1997.

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