Isoko Clans’ leaders back IDU mandate over Delta South Senatorial District seat

Isoko Clans Presidents-General (PGs) have, at an enlarged meeting, supported the mandate of the oil-producing ethnic nationality’s apex social-cultural organization on the Delta South Senatorial District seat at the National Assembly.

The decision was made at a forum of the leaders held at Olomoro, Isoko South local government area of Delta State.

A communique at the end of the parley signed by the chairman and secretary of the forum, Chief (Dr.) Alloysius Okpe-logbo ( PG, Okpe-Isoko) and Chief Adonis Obuwere (PG, Irri Federated Union), stated that the forum supported IDU towards the growth and development of the Isoko nation and to optimize comprehensive intelegent engagement for the survival of the people.

The forum unanimously affirmed that: “We align with the position of IDU, the apex social cultural and administrative body of Isoko Nation over the Delta South Senatorial seat.

“That the Isoko have consistently supported the Ijaw and Itsekiri, following the political trajectory, in every senatorial and governorship election without any political blackmail, subterfuge and propaganda, all through the 19 and eight uninterrupted years respectively.

“The forum reiterates its commitment to the politics of fairness, and unanimously admitted the fact that, Isoko has occupied the Senatorial seat once, via Chief Mrs. Stella Omu, from 1999-2003, and succeeded by the incumbent, Senator James Manager, who is one of the long serving Senators, 2003 till date, The Trumpet gathered.

This one term is politically insignificant compared to the years of elected political offices held by the Ijaw and Itsekiri.” The communique stressed that the senatorial position meant for three nationalities cannot be usurped by one, either through any political trick or acquired by reasons of petty sentiment or lopsided zoning.

It noted that for Delta South to enjoy new political progress, “now is the time for our sister-ethnic nationalities, the Ijaw and the Itsekiri to reciprocate this timely but accurate senatorial gesture.”

It added: “We reinstate our unanimity as an ethnic Nation to respectfully appeal to all stakeholders to consider and reward Isoko’s age-long affinity with the Ijaw and the Itsekiri, our political benevolence demonstrated tirelessly over the years and the support given to successive governments.

The Itsekiri clamouring for the senatorial seat, without consideration to Isoko people, should be reviewed for posterity. ‘When an Itsekiri man, Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, indicated his interest to run for the seat of governorship, an Isoko man, named Chief James Obeuwou, equally indicated and bought form too. He was prevailed upon to decline/step down and Isoko massively as usual gave support to Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, to occupy the office for eight uninterrupted years, which ultimately is bigger than 50 Senators put together.

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“We encourage and appeal to all political, cultural, business and religious leaders in other ethnic groups to key into this one and only pivotal senatorial Isoko request. We further appeal to those who may be hired or used as political saboteurs, to have a rethink and attitudinal change, especially within the Isoko axis, to engender victory at the polls.”

The forum urged Isoko people to define the future through the pendulum of collective opinion, and not to surreptitiously undermine the potency of the ethnic nationality ‘s collective decision over the Delta South Senatorial seat.

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