Even if the pay is high, I can’t kiss in a movie – Kiekie


Oluwabukunmi Oyebisi Adeaga-Ilori, popularly known as Kiekie, is a show host, skit maker, influencer and all-round entertainment personality, she carved a niche for herself with her unique and lively delivery off and on screen. In this chat with OMONIYI ALLI, Kiekie spoke about her life as an entertainer, why she would reject a kissing role, growing up amongst other sundry issues

Q: You have excelled well with skit making, what was the transition like into full length movie?

A: Interestingly, the transition for me was smooth and I give all glory to God because from the skits, a lot of movie directors could see an actor and tell what a person can do.

From the skits, the directors saw what I could do and the scripts started coming in. It was a very smooth transition for me, I didn’t have to struggle for it or fight for it. They just knew that I could act and they called me to come and do it and I’m enjoying it.

Q: How did you develop this interesting character?

A: I can’t explain it. Five years ago, I didn’t think I would be an actor or skit maker. It was Mr Macaroni that asked me to come and do some skits but I always said I was not around. He said I should do it and it would be nice and I did it and it was nice. Other people started calling me and we did a sequel.

We had about six or eight skits together and everything was just going viral. Everyone kept asking who this girl is and my close friend Mr Macaroni kept telling me you have to do your own and make your own money. I started doing it and everybody loved me. From there the movie directors came, FilmOne came and they started giving me roles. God gave me new talent.

Q: Are there moments you have to reject scripts?

A: Of course. I don’t like scripts that are too explicit, that involve kissing, bed and other things. Personally, that’s a part of me that I’m not ready to let go. Everybody has limits and restrictions.

Q: Does that have to do with you being married?

A: Even before I got married, I was a brand influencer and some brands wanted me to do some things and I said no. Personally, I don’t think my body is for my husband. My body is the temple of the lord and I must honour it in a way that I believe or deem fit. I can’t do beyond, outside or inside.

For instance, I have a scene with Lateef Adedimeji where we are under the duvet but we didn’t do anything. Don’t get me wrong, I can act make-believe scenes, but the kissing is what I can’t do even if the money is high.

Q: What is your style in fashion?

A: That’s another of my talents. I think style is all about knowing what suits you and what you are comfortable in. Fashion is pain; I agree, however in that pain, there must be pleasure. I want to look good all of the time. The dress code today says epic and dangerous.

I can’t do dangerous because I don’t want anything red or wild so I just went for what epic means. To me epic means cultural and I went the cultural way instead of the traditional way.

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Q: Skit making is gradually taken over the entertainment space; what is your take on this?

A: The space is getting bigger and recently AMVCA just introduced a new category that allows people like me to have an AMVCA nomination. It makes me feel good. There is nobody who is doing something that people appreciate who will not be happy.

People are beginning to commercialize the space; they think that it’s joblessness. Some of us work hard and spend millions on production. We work with a full production crew; cameramen, sound, light; it’s not a joke. Now people understand that we are not playing around and that is why now I’m delighted to categorize myself as a skit maker.

Q: Describe the Kiekie personality in three words?

A: Crazy, Open and Fashionable

Q: If you have the power to change something in Nigeria right now, what would that be?

A: Most definitely the entire government; I will change the old government and bring new ones. But I don’t know where to find the new government.

Q: Tell us a bit about your educational background?

A: I went to school a lot.  My background is Fashion Designing, with qualifications from London College of Fashion. I hold other certifications which include a B.Sc. in Mass Communications from Bowen University and Masters in Internet and Digital Marketing from London School of Business and Finance.

Q: What was growing up like for you?

A: Growing up was fun. I am the last born of four and they use to make jest of me that when they were struggling in my house, they had not given birth to me. I have such a great relationship with my dad because my mom went to Saudi Arabia while I was a baby so I had my dad with me all of the time.

My mom is my role model, she’s a business mogul. When it comes to business, she’s the one that teaches me about business.

My dad is the President General for all Ibadan indigenes so when it comes to Yoruba and cultural things, I am attached. Every time I travel, I wear Ankara and people are chasing me and saying the lady in Ankara. When I was graduating from Fashion College, half of my collection was Ankara and that was how I topped my class because half of my supervisors had never seen those fabrics before in their entire lives. What we have is rich.

The shoe I’m wearing today is Dolce and Gabbana and half of it is Damask. I bought it like this. Christian Dior has a full collection in Ankara but Nigeria as a country has not trademarked Ankara. The Scottish fabric is trademarked; any brand cannot go international with that fabric


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