How phone exposes robbers, killers of a businessman in Ogun

By Alex Olise

Operatives of the Sango-Otta Area Command in Ogun State have arrested 12 young gangsters that are killers of a businessman at Ifo, Ogun State after robbing him of his money and valuables.

The Trumpet was informed by a senior detective investigating the incident that the arrest was made possible through the recent linking of the National Identification Number (NIN) as one of the armed robber’s phones fell off during the robbery. This helped detectives to trace him to his house.

Asides from the phone, another victim of the robbery had hinted the police at Otta, that during the robbery he inflicted serious injury on one of the armed robber’s head. This enabled the police investigators to alert all hospitals and nearby chemists to watch out for any young boy with injury on his head. It eventually worked out as another member of the gang with injury on his head was caught.

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On interrogation, he confessed to the crime and stated that they are a twelve-man gang that carried out the robbery operation on that ugly night which lead to the murder of the businessman who was driving in a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Confessing to the crime, the suspect told the police, “We are the ones that carried out the robbery operation at Ifo, we have been terrorizing the area for a while now. Inside the jeep were four other occupants, one of them resisted us and used a heavy iron to hit me on the head.

“Please forgive us, we are still in secondary school, yahoo yahoo pushed us into this mess as we tried to make big money, but it is not forthcoming. A senior yahoo guy advised us to attack people driving exotic cars especially when their car breaks down on bad roads at night.”

Many arms and ammunition were recovered from the armed gangs which include cut to size, short guns and other dangerous weapons. There were other arrests carried out in the Onikpan area of the state where cultists were arrested with guns as well as Agbado area of the state where gangsters were arrested with pump-action guns.

All the suspects have been transferred to Eleweran, the headquarters of the Ogun State Police Command for further investigation.

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