House of Reps agree on automatic employment for First Class Graduates

By Ojieh Victoria Orowo

The house of representatives has asked the federal government to provide automatic employment for first-class graduates of Nigerian universities and other institutions.

The House believes this will serve as motivation for Nigerian students and enable them to maximize their potential.

The motion was moved by Chinedu Martins, a lawmaker representing Imo state at the plenary on Wednesday in Abuja The Trumpet gathered.

Presenting the motion, Hon. Martins expressed concern over the lack of employment for many Nigerian graduates, especially first-class degree holders, forcing the best brains out of the country in search of greener pastures in other countries.

While giving his presentation on the ‘Need to Grant Automatic Employment to First Class Graduates,’ Hon Martins said that Nigerian universities produce hundreds of first class graduates annually at the end of every academic year, adding that “a great percentage of them find it difficult to secure employment and contribute to nation-building”.

He bemoaned that the inability of many first class graduates to secure gainful employment has continued to force the nation’s brightest minds to leave the country, thereby, enriching the human resources of the countries they flee to, leaving the nation at a loss.

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According to research, Nigeria has continued to unwittingly give away her best brains and intellectuals to other countries who, by virtue of their robust policies on a value system, reward diligence and excellence as can be seen in the migration of medical professionals from Nigeria to other countries.

“Reports have shown that in seeking admissions to universities, students consider countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Australia, China, Canada as it increases their chances of being employed upon graduation,” Hon. Martins affirmed

The lawmakers gave reasons that automatic employment for first-class graduates will serve as a source of motivation for students to work harder, it will also help them to maximize their potential in preparation for different economic roles, future leadership positions, and ultimately reduce unemployment while helping the nation achieve its developmental goals.

The House adopted the motion and urged the Federal Ministry of Education to liaise with relevant government agencies to ensure employment for first class graduates of Nigerian Institutions after the hearing.

The house also mandated the committees on tertiary education and services, employment, labour and productivity to ensure compliance with the agreement reached.

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