Group chides Edo State Government over executive retreat in Lagos

By Isaac Olamikan

A socio-economic group, the Benin Solidarity Movement (BSM) worldwide, has lampooned the Edo State Government over its recently held executive retreat in Lagos

In a statement by its President, Ambassador Curtis Eghosa Ugbo and its acting General Secretary, Esohe Adun, the group said it was aghast with the decision of the Edo State Government to relocate to Lagos to hold the executive retreat.

Going further, the statement added: “This news wouldn’t have been of any interest or consequence if not that it would be recalled that in the run-up to the 2020 governorship poll in the state, ‘the slogan torgba’, ‘orgbane’ and ‘Edo no be Lagos’ was branded all around the state to let whoever cares to listen that there is no link between the two states and as such nobody can come from Eko(Lagos) to Edo to come and act God by dishing out instructions on how governance should be handled.

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“So, this movement to Lagos by the entirety of the Edo State executive cabinet members is much like a slap in the face and also an eye-opener that the ‘Torgba’, ‘Orgbane’ and ‘Edo no be Lagos’ slogans are mere shadow-boxing, a deceit couched in the twisted tongue.

“It will shock a lot of people of Edo origin that the capital flight that goes with the relocation will be to the advantage of Lagos State which presently is viewed as the economic capital of Nigeria in comparison to Edo State which is crawling to get a bye.

“BSM will appeal to the Godwin Obaseki led Edo State Government to let Edolites who were deceived into making Obaseki their choice in the 2020 gubernatorial polls get full detail of the huge expenses that must have accompanied their ill-advised relocation to the same Lagos which Obaseki and his deceitful political mobilisers say is not and can never be Lagos.

“We await a prompt response to our inquiries on this issue to set the records straight for posterity’s sake.”

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