Group backs Soludo, urges him to stand firm


The Igbo Conscience (TIC) has thrown its weight behind the Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo on his well-received intervention in the Igbo situation in national politics.

The group, says that his intervention is timely and appropriate so that Igbos will not continue degenerating in the political confusion they have been marred in over the years.

In a press release in Lagos, signed by Mr Joe Igbokwe, Leader and Mr Peter Claver Oparah, Secretary they said that Gov. Soludo acted as a true Igbo elder who will not sit and watch Ndigbo continue on the paths of vague, ruinous and pedestrian politics.

The group urges Soludo not to be deterred by the antics of the perennial political jobbers and compromised elders as well as the misguided headless mob who brought us to the sorry state we are today and who are uncomfortable with the governor’s intervention.

“We are glad that an Igbo leader and an International scholar of Soludo’s standing and reputation has come out fearlessly to lend a strong voice to our age-old concern about the drift of Igbo politics in Nigeria.

“We are glad that he has boldly named the perennial bottlenecks to Igbo advancement in politics, which are self-imposed and borne out of the ceding of the Igbo political space to purchasable men of straw and an unthinking mob who have traded the Igbo interests for their selfish interests.

“TIC notes that Ndigbo’s political woes are rooted in what Soludo identified as our obsession with shallow momentary political permutations which have always ended in predictable woes and the repetition of these hare-brained tactics over and over again have left Ndigbo on a crossroad that seems not to have any remedy.

“Prof. Soludo noted that the Igbo penchant for momentary political calculations has led us to damage critical bridges with other ethnic groups, which we need to advance our interests in the larger Nigerian polity.

“This resonates with the age-old views of TIC and such similar progressive Igbo groups. It is what Igbos are ensconced in presently as the nation readies for a general election.

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“We note that predictably, Soludo’s frank, forthright and lucid views have been met with negative criticisms and needless aspersion by those who have worked very hard to bring Igbos into the present predicament and who benefit from it.

According to the statement, this is a condemnable reaction for a people that needs the kind of straightforwardness Soludo showed in his statement to reclaim the lost grounds Ndigbo have wasted on unproductive and fruitless political adventures.

“TIC urges Soludo to remain firm and not be intimidated by the usual syndicated crowd who profits from the tragic fate of Igbos in Nigeria today.

“Equally, we urge other Igbo groups and individuals to speak up like Soludo so that we will collectively recover our land from the deep mess it had been ran into by mercenary leaders and their unthinking followers.

“We dare say that will not abandon Igbo land to these interests as history beckons on every right-thinking Igbo to speak up against the tragic political perfidy in Igboland today against which Prof. Soludo spoke”.

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