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Gas Turbine: Isoko issues AGIP 7 days notice, to embark on mass protest

By Paul Michael

The people of Isoko ethnic nationality have given Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) seven days to grant their request of providing a Gas Turbine for its host and transit communities in the oil rich area.

In a letter signed by D. E. Emebuno Esq on behalf of the Isoko Needs Gas Turbine Initiative Group, a body comprising all Isoko youths and other critical stakeholders, the Isoko people alleged that Agip has provided a
Gas Turbine or other means of power to nearly all their host communities except Isoko.

They warned that failure of Agip to grant their request before the expiration of the 7 days notice on 3rd October, 2022, will lead to massive protest that may halt operations in the area.

The letter reads, “We have our Clients same mandate in our last letter dated 29/6/2022 and following your Company’s reply letter dated 25/7/2022 with reference No. CE/SXD/OM/PHC/562/22 to further give your
Company a 7 days notice for appropriate action on their demand for a Gas Turbine Plant in Isoko land.

“Our Clients noted in your reply letter that it is your Company that is threatening them (our Clients) for due and lawful demand made to your office for a Gas Turbine.

“Our Clients contend that they are aware of the fact that your Company have built Gas Turbine in many Communities where your Company operates but neglected or refused building one in Isoko despite gas from Isoko land.

“Our Clients are highly surprised that your office is shifting your responsibility to DESOPADEC and made reference to pockets of projects in two Communities of Isoko land.

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“Our Clients informed us that your Company is only hostile to Isoko people and denying them their rightful benefit arising from your Company’s operational activities affecting their environment both economically and health.

“Our Clients insist that your Company build Gas Turbine in Isoko and that a copy of this letter and the one dated 29/6/2022 will be duly served on the Law Enforcement Agencies, the Government and the Kings of Isoko land.

“Our Clients are not operating secretly as your office can reach them on their phone numbers as follows: (1) COMRADE MORRISON IGELIGE (07014239837) President Isoko Needs Gas Turbine Initiative Group, (2)
MAJA EJEMAH SONNIE (08035305972)- Secretary Isoko Needs Gas Turbine Initiative Group, (3) COMRADE MATTHEW EDUGBO (08162493866) President Isoko Youth Council (World Wide), (4) COMRADE ONORIODE ANTHONY OMAGUFI (09037777575) President General Isoko Youth Assembly (IYA) World Wide, (5) COMRADE EDE HICYNTH EWARIEZI (07035695030) Patron, Isoko Development Youth Wing.

“A copy of our Clients earlier letter is herein attached.

“Our Clients are only a few representing the whole of Isoko and will not be able to guarantee peaceful atmosphere your company have enjoyed over the years if their demand is not met. You are advised to disregard
some President General of Communities who may be deceiving your Company as they cannot control the whole Isoko.

“The people of Isoko land are very angry. Finally, our Clients informed our office that they will not hesitate to carry out massive protest against your Company where you fail to reach them within seven (7) days of your receipt of this letter.”

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