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Fuji music is the most travelled genre of music-K1 De Ultimate

Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Marshal otherwise referred to as K1 De Ultimate is sure known for his immense contribution towards the growth of Fuji Music. In this chat with TRUMPET ENTERTAINMENT, K1 spoke about the future of Fuji music in Nigeria, why it was necessary to celebrate Late Fuji Pioneer, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister amongst others

Fuji music Maestro K1_De_Ultimate
Fuji music Maestro K1_De_Ultimate

12 years after Barrister’s death, there have been no significant new entrants. Most of you were already established before Barrister’s passing, any new Fuji star?

Shanko Rasheed is a new fresh voice, and I would say he is one of the youngest. Kolade Onanuga and many others are the future. The fact that we don’t showcase them doesn’t mean there are none. We simply could not accommodate everyone to come in and hold the microphone to say something today, but they were present and there are more to come. Even those that are not in the country were part of this colloquium, it is a success story everyone wants to be part of. 9ice, one of the most vibrant and talented voices in entertainment that this country has produced started as a Fuji artiste. What informed many not being able to categorically say they are playing Fuji is the notion behind the large crowd that goes with forming a band. You must have a minimum of 15 to 20 band members. Why did those who came before us and those who play now have 20-piece band standing on stage? It is because they are all playing different instruments that have different meanings.
So young stars of today are not ready for such an expensive project. They simply want to do samples. ‘Aanu Mo Rigba’ was a sample track with few back-ups. Fuji music is getting there, and soon you will see one man playing Fuji, knowing that the notes are available. In the last 10 years, part of our pursuit and journey has been that Fuji music must be written as a note. Successfully, we have been able to achieve one with Wasiu’s ‘Aanu Mo Rigba’. Today, it can be played anywhere because it is on the note. Music teachers and people with experience have come together to realize that we must get something. Whether you like it or not, you will be surprised to see a white band or orchestras playing ‘Aanu Mo Rigba’. So, for those artistes that are unable to carry 15-piece band, they will be able to achieve it with as little as two to three samplers and it will be original because there would be notes and three to four backups.

Speaking of digitization, how can Fuji artistes latch on to the offerings of music streaming platforms so they can also make money off streaming and sharing?

We are in a hurry; we want to see magic overnight. But common sense tells us that as much as we are in a hurry, we must be very careful. I can’t do everything by myself, hence the need to keep searching for people to bring us ideas and how to go about it. I have very many hands working with me, and by the time we start to move from one success narrative to the next, you will see the effects. Everything that happened here today, you will begin to see the effects in the next year.

After more than a year of your hit track, ‘Aanu Mo Ri Gba’, we are yet to get a video. Why is that?

Not all successful albums of the world had a video. Video for me takes a very serious mind; we must make a statement with it, not just that it will only cost me five outfits and a few people on hand to dance. If you listen to the lyrics there is deep meaning, and we are being careful to not create a video that will alienate some listeners.

But is there a video coming?

Oh, yes! The video that is coming will be one with multiple directions to give people the opportunity to enjoy it in their own way. White folks have been seen dancing to that song, and we want to ensure that the video embraces all listeners.

Fuji music icon K1 De Ultimate
Fuji music icon K1 De Ultimate

There is a notion among music artistes, especially at concerts and performances that they must use drugs or smoke something to deliver. What are the elders doing to sensitize the younger ones against this trend?

There must be a lot of education from the media on how things should be done.  I don’t smoke. But the issue of drugs goes beyond mere smoking. Today, people inject and sniff all sorts of things. But we must all teach artistes that they must be right when going on stage and give good account of themselves. It is all about education. But this problem is not peculiar to Fuji, it is the same with all genres of music.

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Speaking on the present event; what informed the decision to organize a colloquium for Late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister?

If we all agree Barrister is the symbol and face that attracted a lot of people to that genre of Fuji music, then we should be able to put our foot down that he must be well-celebrated. We should be able to create an institution out of that establishment he made so that many years to come, there would be reason for people to learn. For instance, the whole world believes the role of Bob Marley as far as Reggae is concerned, and all credits today go to him and Jamaica. That is the same thing with Barrister when it comes to Fuji and Nigeria. As we grow, we discover that our music, especially in southwest Nigeria, serves as an eye-opener and is full representation of the fact that Fuji music is a genre that has travelled far with its origins in Nigeria. Why do we have to wait till it is gone before we think that it is time to create our own Jamaica and our own Reggae that God has blessed us with through Sikiru Ayinde Barrister? That was what informed the organization of the colloquium.

In what other ways are you looking at immortalizing him?

What informs a better society is when there is an avenue for people to come together and talk? That is what will ginger us and open our eyes to a lot of things we cannot see. In the course of talking, discussing, holding meetings, symposiums, you would see a lot of development. If we don’t open discussions through forums like this, how do we know the problems and how to tackle them?

Fuji music maestro Wasiu Ayinde Marshall
Fuji music maestro Wasiu Ayinde Marshall

Though FUMAN (Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria) while Barrister was very much around; why is it that you are still the major person championing this cause?

There must be someone God will use. There was a point in time when there was no American constitution. Today, they are one of the biggest political successes in terms of rule of law. The people that formed America at that time were not running that system of governance; it was those who came after them that discovered the importance of running a system of government and created the idea that is America today. Barrister was my direct boss and mentor. He nurtured me so well to realize the responsibility he was placing on my shoulders. I need not be told that I am his future. Some other person will be the future after me, so we have to start now. That was why we decided that we must first get ourselves together and then draft a document that would guide us and help us forge ahead like a responsible, knowledgeable set of people. Music before ours, that was not done like this, was maybe done for the fun of it. And before FUMAN, I sought his permission that I wanted to form the Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria. He saw it as a laudable idea and project, and he gave me his blessings.

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