Foundation supports 83 Delta communities’ farmers

By Kelvin Ohoror

A non-governmental organization, Engr. Mike Ekpoh Foundation, has empowered 83 farmers from Aviara Communities, Isoko South Local Government Area, Delta State with N 20,000 each to support the purchase of weed control chemicals in their farmland to promote farming activities.

Speaking during the event held at his residence in Ewhokpaka, the President of the foundation, Engr. Mike Ekpoh, said that “Last year in July when I was coming home, I saw old men and women harvesting and carrying cassava I saw how much they were suffering.

“I decided to come up with this foundation. It is written charity begins at home, I must show love to the less privileged from my home. Hence, the reason I am doing what God has led me to do today.”

According to him, “I have received testimony from people among the 17 persons I have empowered earlier on. One of them said he has seen manifestation in his crops. This is what motivated me that, the next step of empowerment I must do it quickly so that the others who will share the testimony will have the privilege to share it.”

He noted that “I do things not because I am wealthy. I do things because I am rich and the riches are from God Almighty. The peace of God I have is the riches of God I have in my life. When I see young men and women suffering I weep in my heart because we have leaders who do not reach out to the poor, as an aspiring leader I feel the hour has come for the narrative to change.

“We have to help our people. We must make life meaningful to them. We must make sure that wealth is distributed among our people.”

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He added, “I am not gathering the people because of politics. What I have or what I am is of God. And what I will be God will make it tomorrow. But it is my duty as a man who have the love of God to reach to the less privileged, to liberate them from poverty.”

He also stated during the event that the foundation is extending the membership to his mother’s place Uzere community and Otor- Aviara with 40 members each from the two communities. He further said that by next year the foundation shall come out with two programmes to boost farming and cropping in Uzere and Aviara respectively. The programs shall include early introduction of pesticides and fertilizers to their cassava and crops so that the crops can yield well from the beginning of the planting season to the end. He also assured the fish farmers in the foundation of empowerment in the provision of fishing nets to boost their fishing activities.

“We will work hard to train the enlarged members of the foundation in collaboration with the President General of Uzere and Aviara communities with our representative of the area in government to ensure we send fertilizers to our people.”

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Oleh Diocese, Anglican Communion, Rt. Revd. John Usiowoma Aruakpor, who graced the event, said that, God created us to become a blessing and helper to the less privileged, stating that you must not have the whole world before you can help the poor. He also thanked Engr. Mike Ekpoh Foundation for the kind gesture to the recipients and urged them to organize seminars for them on how they can learn different methods of farming and trade. Bishop Aruakpor also admonished the recipients to make judicious use of the token they have received from the Engr. Mike Ekpoh Foundation.

On their part Mr Charles Arugba and Hon. Brooklyn Essi the President Generals of Aviara and Uzere communities stated that Engr. Mike Ekpoh did not have the whole world before he is doing what he is doing today, noting that they are encouraged by what they have seen.

According to them, “we have people who have held government positions but they could not do what Engr. Mike Ekpoh is doing today. And that is even government money.”

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