Federal Government Colleges in FCT shut


Terrorists and bandits in Nigeria have stepped up their nefarious game by threatening to and actually invading Government Colleges and major cities in Nigeria, especially the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

They have also threatened to abduct President Muhammadu Buhari and the governor of Kaduna State Mallam Nasri El-Rufai. In response to the invasion threat of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, the feeble federal government closed down all Federal Government Colleges in the city and instructed parents to pick up their wards immediately.

Following the government’s instruction, private school owners also closed their schools and institutions. By reacting this way, the Federal Government is inadvertently admitting its failure to secure the lives of the people and guarantee their safety The terrorists in Nigeria have become daring, remorseless, unrelenting, and brazenly audacious.

They now operate with implacable fury as though the length and breadth of the country belong to them. Unchallenged, they function with growing impudence and inexplicable confidence as wild animals running rampage in the jungle with sinister motives.

They command simultaneous identity as either bandits or terrorists whose abode is the forest. But gradually bored and tired of the forest, they have decided to relocate to civilized habitation, sacking humans in various categories.

As terrorists or bandits, these scoundrels are having a field day in Nigeria. They kill and maim easily, leaving sorrow, anguish, and pain. Nigerians live in febrile anxiety following the unfortunate growth of terrorism all around the country. As the people groan daily, the activities of these monsters also grow daily.

It appears that the groaning across the country remotely fuels their despicable growth. Unfortunately, the federal government seems helpless in the face of the terrorist onslaught. Everywhere is unsafe, the streets, forests, inner roads, markets, schools, hospitals, and even government administrative buildings; nowhere is spared of terrorist invasion. Therefore, the country bleeds from all pores as insecurity surges with unrelenting vigour.

The above scenario adequately captures the situation in Nigeria. Terrorists and bandits are gradually taking over the reins of power in the country. They are rich through an enormous amount of money collected as ransom after each kidnapping operation.

Federal Government Colleges in FCT shut

Schools are always their target. When they strike, they do not encounter any form of resistance from the many security agencies in the country.

Having assured Nigerians that insecurity would become history across the country if he was elected President, Muhammadu Buhari has failed abysmally to achieve one of the cardinal objectives for which Nigerians voted him to power. It is sad and at once disconcerting. Instead of insecurity decreasing under his administration, the situation gets worse by the day.

A viral video where some soldiers admitted that they were asked by their superior officers not to attack or fight bandits and terrorists is trending at the moment. It leaves much to be desired for those committed to seeing Nigeria flourish. Yet, every day the government and army authorities regale Nigerians with tales of how they are fighting insecurity in the country.

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The government’s reaction to the terrorists’ threat has far-reaching implications on the polity and the psyche of Nigerians.

Firstly, it shows the government’s helplessness and inability to combat terrorism and maintain a peaceful environment for the people. Secondly, it gives the terrorists more confidence to know that the government recognizes their existence. Thirdly, it creates unease within the rank and file of the Nigerian Army.

As a fall-out of the terrorists’ threat to invade Abuja and following the closure of many private and government institutions, members of the National Assembly are reported to have vacated their official quarters, moving around in less flamboyant vehicles to hide their identity. It is a shame.

President Buhari has his job cut out for him. His shameful legacy as the man in charge when Nigeria witnessed the worst threat of insecurity in its democratic history is assured if he does not react effectively to check the growing cases of terrorism in the country.


Federal Government Colleges in FCT shut

It is bad enough that the economy is in shambles and there are uncertainties around every facet of Nigeria. The president, in his capacity as the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria, must react and protect the country.

Ordinarily, Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory, the seat of power, should be the most fortified and protected of all the cities in Nigeria. If the threat of terrorists’ invasion can force the government to close major institutions, then other states in Nigeria should be seriously alarmed. The Nigerian Army must wake up. President Muhammadu Buhari must wake up and rally his troops to action.

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