Beware!!!! There are fake Pastors and Prophets everywhere

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said in one of His sermons in the Bible thus: “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves”. True to the admonition of Jesus Christ, there are many ravening wolves around these days claiming to be men and women of God.

Many innocent women and men have been defrauded in the name of God and now many are at loss of how to truly identify a true Church of God where Jesus Christ is the Lord.

These days, we see assemblies calling themselves Churches everywhere but some of their conducts have now made it pertinent to distinguish between a true Church of God and a fake assembly being called a Church, through the knowledge of the scriptures.

Somebody told me one day how he was invited to a Church in Lagos where everybody goes stark naked before their activities begin. Husbands, wives, singles and even the so-called Pastor pull off their clothes before they enter the worship centre and according to him, members of the Church share things together including their wives.

I was really surprised that a place like that existed in Nigeria and people were going there to worship what they don’t know. I had to interrogate him further to know if the name of Jesus Christ was mentioned in the course of the activities in the so-called Church and he responded in the affirmative. He even said that the leader of the Church who was also naked with his wife preached a sermon tagged GRACE TO PROSPER just like other Churches do during service days. He however said that members of the so-called Church were so rich in material things that if not for his upbringing, he was almost tempted to join them.

All around us today are some Churches that do not even bother to preach about the holiness and righteousness of God anymore but focus on prophecies and how to acquire material wealth. Some don’t care about morals anymore and emphasise just getting miracles and breakthroughs and people are rushing there.

It is in order therefore to guide those who are truly seeking to worship Jehovah that this article is here. However, I want to sound a note of warning that if you want to make Heaven and meet Jesus Christ on the last day, living a holy and righteous life is a must and do not allow any preacher to deceive you that nobody can live a holy life.

God said be ye holy for I am holy and God cannot lie. So, please note that anywhere the holiness and righteousness of God are not emphasized in sermons and all they talk about is prosperity in material things and killing perceived enemies through prayers, such places are not the true Churches of God.

A true Church of God is where people are taught to fear God, stick to the commandments of God in the Bible and depart from sin. A true Church of God is where people are taught high morals and total surrender to the Will of God.

It is unfortunate however these days because people are so lazy in prayers and studying the Word of God that they are busy running everywhere to consult one fake Prophet and Prophetess to solve their problems.

Yes, there are genuine Prophets and Prophetesses from God, but what any genuine man or woman of God will tell you is to have genuine repentance from sin and commitment to prayers to solve any problem. All problems emanated from sin and all problems are solved by separation from sin and asking God to have mercy in prayers

God can reveal your problem to His servant but most times it is to strengthen your faith in God and to return you to the path of righteousness if you have derailed.

Jesus Christ came so that you can have direct access to God in prayers and also have the Grace to live a holy and righteous life.

You can pray for yourself and receive intervention from God. The work of a Pastor is just to guide you and encourage you and perhaps assist you in prayers, especially in the time of emergency. God is open to everyone through the name of Jesus Christ.

Please read Deuteronomy 28 which is the chronicle of the Prophecies of God for all humans where it is stated clearly that if you obey God you will be blessed and if you live in sin you will be cursed.

If you don’t want to repent from sin and you keep on looking for Prophets and Visioners to save you, you will continue to be a victim of fake Prophets and Prophetesses.

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If you want God to speak to you on any issue, ask God and He will direct you. Even if God doesn’t speak to you personally, consult your Bible and find out what God said in a similar situation to what you may be passing through and hold on to the Word of God in prayers and perhaps fasting in stubborn conditions, and surely God will intervene and help you.

Stay away from sin, live a holy life and pray to God on any issue and God will answer you. Don’t allow satanic prophets and visioners to confuse your life. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and the Holy Spirit will be given to you to overcome all battles in life.  God bless us in Jesus Name.

Pastor ESANEROVO TRINITY AGBODO is a Contributing Editor with THE TRUMPET Newspaper and he can be reached on

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