Facebook romance turns nightmare as lady gets beaten mercilessly

Words have it that a lady travelled down to Warri to meet one Patrick Fregene in Ugboroke, Delta State, a man she barely knew and had only recently met on FACEBOOK.

The purported romantic visit, however, did not go as expected, as he beat her and locked her up in the room for days, for reasons unknown.

“She’s lucky he did not use her for a money ritual,” the Facebook user said.”

“It’s a lesson for stupid ladies that form big girls on social media,” – exactly the words of the user.

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“According to information, she travelled upon his invitation. The man seems to be an abuser of some sort or a mentally unstable person. Upon her arrival, he locks her up in his house while he beats her every now and then.

“The lady got rescued after the intervention of the abuser’s elder brother, who discovered that someone was whimpering in his brother’s apartment upon a visit he made. He broke the door down only to find a badly beaten lady crying for help.

“She was taken to the hospital for treatment afterwards, as words got out on the incident as well as a caution to ladies. Be careful not to meet up with unfamiliar faces or travel to meet unknown persons in the name of Facebook romance.”

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