How to stop generational curses and enjoy the blessings of God

God created Adam and Eve as perfect beings but from the day they sinned, imperfections came into their lives and the lives of their children and all humans from generation to generation.

The truth is that from the understanding of the story of creation, physical death was not the initial intention of God for man but when Adam and Eve sinned, death came in.

So, physical death for humans came as a result of sin because God pronounced a judgement against Adam and Eve after they sinned that they had to go back to the dust.

After all, they were formed from the dust. Sufferings, poverty, diseases and all other problems humans are being afflicted with today are the results of these imperfections from sin.

The word of God cannot fail and the consequences of the sins of the fathers and mothers are being visited on subsequent generations just as the blessings as a result of the obedience of fathers and mothers to the word of God are being transferred to the children too.

The blessings of God
The blessings of God

All humans were born with different categories of inherited curses like poverty, untimely deaths, barrenness, and loads of other problems but Christ has come to deliver us from all these curses and loads of problems.

Spiritual and physical death, as well as pains during childbirth and over labouring before getting food and comfort, were all part of the initial curses that came on Adam and Eve, and through the law of inheritance, these curses were passed to all humans on earth.

Therefore, once a baby is born into the world, the chains of curses as well as bundles of blessings from the time of Adam and Eve according to the judgement of the Word of God will start to hover around the newborn baby and wait for the right time to manifest.

We should also understand that the levels of blessings and curses on humans differ from person to person.

Some people inherited generational blessings and get things done with ease while others with strong generational curses struggle and struggle before achieving any little thing.

In some cases, the people enjoying the generational blessings in an area of life may not necessarily be living a holy life according to the Bible.

Also, you may have heard some people pointing to others who are sinners yet are enjoying their lives with riches and wealth and even good health while others who are trying to live a holy life are struggling continuously.

It is the factor of inherited blessings and curses according to the Word of God that is responsible. Fortunes and misfortunes of men today and mainly traced to ancestral factors, although some of the happenings around many destinies today are also traced to personal sins or obedience to the Word of God.

 Please note that some curses and problems are heavier than others and that is why people need different levels of prayers to tackle their particular loads. However, anybody who is determined to be free from all curses and problems can be free because that is why Jesus Christ was crucified and hung on a tree to deliver us from all curses of the law.

God delivered mankind from darkness through Christ
God delivered mankind from darkness through Christ

The Word of God has clearly stated that the curse on any sin committed is death because it is written that the wages of sin is death and that is why Adam and Eve had to die.

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In the same way, unless we depart from sin, the spirit of death will also chase us to establish the word of God, although the seed of death takes different shapes in form of curses and different problems until the final death and internment occur.

The strength of curses from sins differs. Some curses can take just one day of prayers and fasting to break while some can take longer days of prayers and fasting to break even when you are already a Christian, but the good thing is that once you are in Christ and have received the Holy Spirit, all curses and problems will surely expire as you continue the journey of salvation in holiness, righteousness and in regular prayers.

Apart from generational curses, also note that most of our problems stem from our personal sins because once you already know the commandments of God and disobey them, the spirit of death will start fighting to actualise the Word of God in that life.

In fact, most humans have complicated their destinies through continuous sins and the only way out is repentance and forsaking the sins. Some people are accusing witches and wizards of being responsible for their problems but they don’t know that it is their sins that attract the problems they may be passing through.

God will not excuse anybody for sinning because God is just and fair to everyone.

In all, if only we can choose to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ over us and change our ways from sin to holiness, God will cleanse us from all our past sins and generational curses with the blood of Jesus Christ and start a new and holy platform for us to live our new life in Christ to be blessed and also pass generational blessings to our children.

Salvation is so simple but you must make up your mind to depart from the highway of sin.

The Salvation of God
The Salvation of God

Furthermore, we also need to understand that what we need to do after repenting from our sins and asking God for forgiveness is to stay off committing sin in whatever guise and it will be well with us.

If you commit even the sin of lying which many of us think is not as serious as idolatry, fornication, adultery and murder etc, you will still pay for it even when you repent because sin demotes.

It should be noted that every sin you commit delays your journey to your promised land because everybody actually has a God’s promised destination and that is why God said in Jeremiah 29:11 that His thoughts for us are good and not evil and are to bring us to the expected end of good.

Imagine, that the sin of the children of Israel delayed them from entering the promised land at the right time.

So, the best thing to do is stay off sin totally and worship and serve God in holiness and truth, and it will always be well with you. Always remember that your miracles are tucked in the total submission and obedience to the word of God and not in anybody.

A Pastor can pray for someone and God can honour the request of the Pastor by intervening in solving a problem, but the best gift you can give yourself in life is to love God and fellowship with Him personally and depart from all kinds of sins, and once you practice this as a habit, you will grow from glory to glory. This is the secret of continuous progress without sorrow in life.

God bless us in Jesus name.

 Pastor ESANEROVO TRINITY AGBODO is a Contributing Editor with THE TRUMPET Newspaper and can be reached on .

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