Ebegbare promises to create roadmap for the PIA Act, Isoko Unity sacrosanct

By Kelvin Ohoror

The Isoko federal constituency House of Representative candidate of the Social Democratic Party Hon. Dickson Ebegbare has said that Isoko unity is sacrosanct and priceless.

He made this known during a press statement he made available to newsmen.

According to him, “The next election is key and strategic to the unity of the Isoko people in many areas. I represent the unity of Isoko whether North or South. We need a United Isoko to be able to redefine our common prosperity and progress as a people.

“We can play big politically again as it use to be. We can once again speak with one tone, one voice and one purpose. Isoko has been demystified politically and that has negatively affected our infrastructural development.

“The unity of Isoko as an ethnic group is priceless. We can together achieve it through a renewed sense of our common humanity.

“When elected, I will be deliberate in pushing for the unity of Isoko in the real sense of it in many ways”.

Hon. Ebegbare also assured that every Bill presented before the National Assembly adequately protects the interest of the ordinary Isoko man, noting that any administrative and institutional framework set up to implement any law will have the interest of Isoko protected.

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He opined that “The Petroleum Industry Act 2021 brought lots of changes to the petroleum industry in Nigeria with far-reaching implications. As a Member of the House of Representatives, I will liaise with our traditional institutions, professionals, religious, community and political leaders to help develop an implementation roadmap of the several funds created under the Act for the interest of our people. Today, Isoko is the only ethnic group without a structure for the implementation of the PIA.

“If elected, I pledge to put a homegrown structure in place to implement the Host Communities Development Trust (HCDT). Working with critical stakeholders and trustees, we shall draw a development plan for Isoko as required by the PIA in accordance with best practices.

“If not properly managed, this fund may further divide our people. So we work together to develop an acceptable Isoko bespoke matrix for the distribution of the HCDT Fund and Project Management strategy”.

He however pledge to unite the Isoko people through Sport and culture, saying that as Member Representing Isoko Federal Constituency, he shall organise the Annual Isoko Unity League for selected sporting events. Isoko is the home of great sportsmen and women. We will not only unite our people through sport, I pledge to use it as a vehicle for wealth creation.

“We will organise the Isoko Unity Marathon. We will put together Isoko Carnival which will be held from community to community annually. We believe that there are enormous social economic gains in Sport and culture and I pledge to push this through with your vote”.

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